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Vista Roof HARD Water Spots


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Hey Everyone!


When I bought my 2010 Edge Sport it must have sat on the lot for some time. It was brand new but had almost 1,000 miles on it. Well I noticed against the sun light the other day that it has water spots on the Vista roof that I can not get off. The dealer recommended some windex and a soft piece of wool to help remove it.


Is that the BEST solution ??? Any suggestions would be great :-)


Thanks again!

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Just read a greeat article on AutoGeek describing methods to remove water spots on glass, etc. They mentioned DP High Performance Glass Restorer. I've never used the product, but sounds promising. I live in a condo and sprinklers leave water spots on my glass so I may try their ideas next year if needed.

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A similar thing happened when I took delivery of my last vehicle - shipped from Japan. Paint condition aside, all the glass had water spots. Sea breeze? Wouldn't come off with windex (I can't believe they told you that). Zaino's Z-12 Glass Polish did the trick. Check it out

Some friends have told me that Mr. Clean, magic eraser does the trick. Can't say, never had to try it.

One trick that I learned from a neighbor, is when doing windows after washing the car, use a detailing mist, Maguires, Mothers, etc. on windows and windshield - it works, and DOES NOT smear with wipers.

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