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Alarm and Remote start

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I had to bypass/disable the PATS.


I wouldn't disable PATS ever.



But I think what you have is the PATS module that mimics your key being present so remote start will work.

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Yeah it is bypassed.


PATS is not that big of a deal, we been driving cars since they were first created with out PATS. My 1998 Windstar does not have PATS. I rather not have PATS cause it makes it harder to replace keys, extra for alarm installs, if it screws up (yes it does fail) you cant start your car with your own key.


PATS is only good if you never intend on installing an alarm.

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I had my remote start done the Compustar brand, it totally caused my factory alarm to stop working. However when I looked back into the manual it does say that some of the aftermarket remote starts are incompatible with the alarm system :@ So then I had to go back to the store and change the whole unit to get the alarm/remote start package which costs me intotal about $500.


My package has a 5000' range and a super high sensitivity alarm (when a motorcycle drives past the alarm sets off)


What I would of personally done if I knew this was going to happen was go to best buy and get their package priced for $349 would have saved me a TON of money and hassle considering the guys I dealt with weren't the nicest :/

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