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Only 30 minutes of accessory mode?

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I realize this may not be a widespread problem for a lot of folks, but there is a nicely restored Drive In theater near our home that we go to a couple of times a year. We had hoped to take the new Edge and make use of not only the awesome Sony stereo, but also to be able to open the BAMR on nice evenings. The problem is I have noticed on my particular vehicle (2011 Limited with IAK push button start) that they have programmed in a 30 minute battery saver mode that shuts down the radio. Additionally (and this is probably the main reason for the 30 minute timeout), there seems to be no way to just run the radio without running all 3 of the MFT LCD screens.


I have probably already answered my own question, but does anyone know if there is any way to trick the radio into playing longer than 30 minutes? On the screen issue I'm assuming I could run the dimmer control all the way down, but not sure if they are still drawing power anyway. I don't want to end up with a dead battery. Any suggestions, aside from bringing a battery powered radio with me. :doh:

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I personally would like to shut off this feature but from what I have experienced with my Alarm install there is no way to prolong or shut off this feature.

This is good to know guys, thanks for the responses. I suppose I could just turn it back on when it times out, but if we catch a triple feature that would be about 3 thirty minute accessory mode cycles per movie, times 3 movies. That is a lot of shutoff nuisence to deal with, plus the fact that there is probably a good reason for the shutoff that says I may have a dead battery if I tried this. Looks like it's a portable boom box or another car for drive in theatre night!

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I had this issue with my alarm. If I remote started the car and then decided to shut it off the radio would stay on for 30 min. The alarm installer contacted the mfg of the alarm and I got a bypass relay installed and they said there was no way to modify the 30min accessory feature.

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Sorry for the resurrection,anyone ever figure this out? May be taking the Edge to a drive in for the first time tomorrow. Not too concerned about having to start it every 30 min for 5-10 min to keep the battery happy. I'm thinking a healthy batt should be capable of running th mft for 4hrs or more and still start. I get 4-6 hrs out of my laptop batt, this can't be sucking that much out of a car batt...ummm, just remembered the sub, that would eat a bit of juice!


Never tested to see if my DRL's (Canada)disable with the parking brake. Can anyone confirm? This would certainly be a show stopper...literally! Drive-ins don't like headlights for some reason :P

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