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2011 Edge Limited AWD


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About 1 month ago we purchased a 2011 AWD Limited and we love it to. I agree, so far just an awesome vehicle. We thought FORD for three primary reasons.


1. They didn't take any TARP Money

2. I have a 2009 Taurus SEL as a company car - 76,000 miles and never a problem. Routine Maintenance. If FORD builds quality into this Edge like they built into that '09 Taurus We will be very happy.

3. By all accounts I have read and seen, FORD seems to be leading the domestic auto market in putting a dependable / high quality vehicle out there. So we tried to give them a chance and keep the money in the USA as much as we could.

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Welcome and congrats on your new ride. Cal, I don't get your joke but I'm Canadian.


Its a reference to a dumb movie line. Team America: World Police. Edge forum was probably not the place for this joke, but when our country does something right, I like to say the line. (It's better with the voice too :lol:)


Come to think about it, Canadians probably have a dislike for the 'South Park Guys'...





I'm kicking myself for not jumping on the stock as well. But at least we got the product. Congrats nonetheless!

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