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  1. I mean it got lost behind the trim. I was able to shake the part out from the plastic panel under the glove box eventually so at least its not loose bouncing around there now.Thanks for the part link. Mine is a 2011 and was able to fine the correct part number using your link but part price seems expensive and not necessary for proper function. I will try to fix the one I have by placing the plastic tab back in and attaching back to the rope and it fails leave it as is.
  2. Replaced the filter on my MKX today but the plastic retainer clip attached to the string that holds glove box past the bumper came loose. Tried to attach it back but the plastic retainer fell behind the trip so I can't find it. Any ideas on replacement part number for this clip and any issues if it gets left loose inside the panel?
  3. teknowiz

    Throttle body recall

    Thanks for this info. My dealership told me I had no recalls or TSBs pending on my 2011 Mkx while in service today. Had no idea about this recall until searching here for an unrelated issue. I think my car's throttle body maybe starting to go as well since few weeks ago I had check engine light suddenly start blinking and had lack of power on acceleration. Issue went away after few minutes and so far has not comeback but best to get it fixed. Now have to talk to my service advisor and get them to replace it asap.
  4. Haven't applied the update yet, will tonight or tomorrow. Currently the ambient light setting does revert on its own even after Ford TSB fix applied so will see if new version fixes that. As for phone ringer, I have not changed that setting so unable to comment on if that is an issue.
  5. Showing available to download for my 2011 MKX.
  6. I had the TSB fix posted applied as well but issue still persists with ambient light resetting to default a week or so after TSB was applied. Maybe TSB requires APIM to be programmed at a certain software release level as well but my APIM was replaced last summer so should be fairly up to date. I suppose it could be battery issue but my battery was replaced under warranty just over a year ago as well.
  7. teknowiz

    2011 Mkx Hum/Whine

    Issue was finally fixed few weeks ago after complaining to Ford and having dealership properly examine for the sound. Issue was caused by loose exhaust pipes and needed some clamps to hold it in place better.
  8. teknowiz

    GPS map not always accurate when first started.

    Few TSBs out for this issue. GPS module software update may help. My Mkx has this issue. Software flash didn't help. Module replaced and was fine for close to an year. Now starting to do same behavior again.
  9. Most likely issue with Seat Track or Belt Buckle.
  10. My 2011 Mkx also had a dead battery replaced few months ago. Luckily it was in service just before the factory warranty was up so Ford covered the replacement.
  11. teknowiz

    Interior Ambient Lighting

    Last time I checked with my dealer's service department after post from Antonio, they said Ford is aware of issue but has not fix or workaround at the moment. This was around January this year so not sure if a fix is available since then.
  12. Most likely causd by issue related to one of the attached TSBs. My MKX has same issue and was fixed by reporgraming HVAC module previously but after recent AC service is broken again. tsb11-08-07.pdf tsb13-10-13.pdf tsb11-08-10.pdf
  13. Had same issue with a 2011 MKX when installing the K&N filter but it wasn't caused by the filter itself. Took me 30min of struggling and resetting it before clamp was set. Had same issue when I got rid of the K&N filter for a stock one few months later so in my case I know the issue was the metal clamp and not the filter.
  14. teknowiz

    In Channel Vent Visors

    Had same issue with the AVS ones on my Mkx (uses exact same AVS model as the Edge). Even though these are suppose to be in cannel, apparently the front slit portion is suppost to stay outside like the non in channel version. When I called AVS support, they told me if that portion is slid in the channel behind the mirror trim, window will not close. With it not being slid in there, the visors just looked bad. As mtbasler said, get the Weathertech in channel visors instead. They fit and look much better.
  15. Purchased the new A5 map from ebay for $80.00 USD and picked it up from the person locally. Better than the $195.00 CAD price quoted from the dealer. So far it looks like speed limit database has been updated to include lot more streets in Canada, or at least the Toronto area. Now if only we could get Sirius Live traffic working in Canada, we would finally have good Nav system.