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  1. Have similar kind of issue in my 2013 Edge SE FWD. been given to dealership four times but they remain unable to solve the problem. 1st Visit: check the vehicle & remain unable to hear any abnormal sound, return back the vehicle without doing any thing. -> problem unsolved 2nd Visit: Do resurfacing of Brake discs, check Brake Pads, check suspension / shocks, check for any loose nut / bolt etc. -------> problem unsolved. 3rd Visit: find out may be lower control arm is faulty, change the LH & RH lower arms. -------> problem unsolved. 4th Visit: Keep the vehicle for 4-days & upon return said that problem is solved now. --------? however problem still unsolved. never went for 5th visit and later decided to sold the vehicle........
  2. sajid.ali

    Edge-13 (40k-km) click sound from front right

    Again went to dealer for the same problem, they carried out Road test in the morning after vehicle was siting whole night and come to the conclusion that lower arm need to be changed, although they change the part but sound is still there.
  3. I have same sort of problem with my edge-SE-2013, 43K km. When i press the brakes hard, sudden heavy Dak Dak sound same. give it to dealer to sort out the problem, but they remain Clueless about the prob. Anyone experience this?
  4. I am experiencing this problem since the day my vehicle got hit from another car on right side of my vehicle, impact came to my vehicle on wheel, fender and passenger side door. (pics attached) Ford Body shop has repaired the door & Fender and replaced the wheel rim, as it has big scratch on it. after the repair work done every morning when i cross first speed-breaker (bump) on my way to office it gives me click sound. I am unable to get from where it is coming (whether suspension, control arm or any other part connected to the front right wheel). This sound come only if vehicle speed is 20km/hr or above. if it cross the speed breaker below this speed then sound wont come. I have notified dealer in this regard, they kept the vehicle for 2days but remain unable to find anything. Need expert opinions.
  5. sajid.ali

    Turn Signal Lever Hard To Move

    What modification you have done?
  6. sajid.ali

    What troubles have you had?

    It wont hit hard. you can have an idea from the pictures. Wheel Rim only have an scratch on it. Suspensions checked by the dealer and found OK. Almost 7months passed now after that. Any idea how to check the rotor?
  7. sajid.ali

    OEM Chrome door handles?

    I am also searching answer to the same Question.
  8. sajid.ali

    In Channel Vent Visors

    I have installed AVS In-Channel. Working good up to now.
  9. sajid.ali

    Best Cell Phone Holder For Edge?

    I am using this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/iOttie-Easy-One-Touch-Car-Mount-Holder-for-Apple-iPhone-5-4-Galaxy-S3-Smartphone-/181286350347?pt=US_Mounts_Holders&hash=item2a35822e0b
  10. It also depends on the frequency of the transmitter (keyfob) and receiver (in vehicle) i have a key which donot work due to frequency mismatch. My car is build for 433Mhz frequency. While vehicles sold in US have different frequency, so it better to workout before any purchase.
  11. sajid.ali

    2011 thumping sound right rear

    I have the same prob but dealer is unable to figureout
  12. Same issue with my edge 2013, 35K Km driven
  13. If you have the door ajar sensor issue. lights will go off after 10min. Have experienced the same problem.
  14. sajid.ali

    What troubles have you had?

    Sound is coming like Dhuk only once or sometimes twice (Dhuk Dhuk) not more Could be a warped rotor. why becaus few months ago a car hit my edge on front RHS wheel resulting in damage to Fender and scratches on wheel rim, fender has been repaired and wheel rim has been replaced under insurance coverage. this sound has been started after that. One more thing is when vehicle is parked more then 6-8 hrs and after that when you start driving it gives sound on bumps for initial 500-800mtrs drive but then this sound goes off.
  15. sajid.ali

    Where to find painted mirror covers

    U have to remove your current covers and get it painted. They can be removed easily with the help of two long flat head screw drivers.