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  1. summer67

    2015 Edge / MKX exterior fit & finish

    The rear hatch door was not aligned very well coming from a factory built of April 7. Took it to the dealership, and their body shop did a pretty good job of getting it aligned properly but not perfectly. Overall rating around 2, as everything else looks really good.
  2. summer67

    AWD or FWD?

    FWD. It never rains or snows in CA anymore.
  3. summer67

    New to Edge

    Probably the main thing to look for is the build date of the vehicle. Anything built after June 1 should be fine (no water leak issues). Sure, minor issues could come up with any new car, but overall the 2015 Edge is really a great vehicle. We have only 1K miles on our 2015 SEL which was built on April 7, but have had no problems. It drives great and is so much better riding than our old 1991 Ford Explorer. You could always consider an extended warranty for some piece of mind (which I decided to purchase for that reason). Good luck with your decision.
  4. summer67

    Water Leak! Help!

    Frisco, If your new Edge has been sitting outside since the build date with plenty of rain, it should be apparent by now if there had been a leak. So if you have no signs of water damage I would think its a pretty safe bet to conclude there is no problem. Regarding the sealing work done by your dealer, there will probably be no signs that the sealant has been applied. I took my new Edge in 2 weeks ago to get it sealed (although it had no signs of water leaks - no rain here in CA), and after the getting the Edge back from the dealer, I could not see any signs of the sealer being applied. So I called the dealer and asked them about no signs of the sealant being applied (mostly curious to where it was applied), and he told informed me of the procedure they use to apply the sealant etc. From the procedure they used, you would not be able to see the applied sealant. Give it some time with a few more rainstorms or car washes, you should know by then if there is any possible leak or not.
  5. Our Magnetic looks great, just the right amount of flake in the paint, and I could not find any imperfections in the factory paint job. Overall very pleased with the paint process Ford is using.
  6. summer67

    Water Leak! Help!

    That's great news that they will be buying your truck back. Ford needs to do this on all the water leak vehicles they can't repair properly. I'll be taking in our 15 SEL soon for the water leak fix, even though ours has not seen any water leaks so far.
  7. summer67

    2.0 or 3.5

    Either engine should serve work out well. I had a tough time deciding upon which engine to go with, and ultimately ended up with the 2.0 Ecoboost. With only about 1k miles on our 2015 SEL, we are pleased with the performance of the 2 liter. But the 3.5 is a decent engine as well. My 2012 Mustang has the 3.7 engine, and its a great engine. Really like out black interior. Its set off nicely with the trim pieces around the doors and dash area. Not too hot inside here in Calif. Good luck with your choice.
  8. summer67

    2015 Edge SEL

    Congrats on your new Edge. Our 2015 Edge SEL also has touchy breaks, but the car only has 900 miles on it so far. So noise coming from them however.
  9. summer67

    Driver floor is SOAKING WET

    Neptune, the service bulletin Ford released recently stated that Edge owners had until June 30,2016 to have this issued fixed, if I recall from the letter I received recently. Our Edge SEL was built on April 7th, no signs of water leak yet, however here in Calif. there has bee no rain for quite a while, If you have that much water in the vehicle, it probably is from the water leak and not the AC expelling water into the car. Have it checked out by your dealer asap, and hopefully they will be able to take care of the problem. Once it gets fixed, it will be worth it, as they otherwise are great cars.
  10. My sunshade for our 2015 Edge SEL arrived today, ordered from Autoanything, and it appears to fit very well. It is the fold up style, and stores in a nice storage bag when not in use. I did notice however there was an inch or a bit more at the top of the windshield where the shade does not reach, but it should not cause too much of an issue. It certainly is a well made sun shade, and will try it out tomorrow. Too bad it didn't arrive yesterday, it was 94 here today, and would have been good to see how well it works in the heat.
  11. Just ordered one as well, been looking around for a bit without any luck, so its good you found this one in stock.
  12. summer67

    2015 Edge MPG

    I have had our 2015 Edge SEL for about 3 weeks now, 60/40 highway/urban driving. Although its the 2.0 ecoboost, it has average about 24 MPG for the last 600 miles. Driving it normal, some hard accleration, and some moderate driving. Give it some more time for the engine to break in, maybe check during a longer highway drive for a better idea of mileage.
  13. Our 2015 Edge SEL had dirty fingerprints on both sides of the dashboard. The only way I could get rid of them is to purchase a bottle of : 1Z Einsett Cockpit cleaner, and it took about 5 attempts to finally get rid of them. Also, the rear hatchback door is slightly misaligned, the right side of the rear hatch is closer to the body of the vehicle than the left side. There is probably about only 1/8 inch clearance in the gap on the right side between the rear hatch and body, hopefully it will not get any worse over time. Other than that, everything else looks pretty good.
  14. summer67

    First Impressions of New Edge

    The shark fin antenna is just a bit under 3 inches, sure is a nice change from the older whip style antennas.
  15. summer67

    First Impressions of New Edge

    Magnetic is a new color for 2015, looks real good in person. This is our new 2015 Edge on a trip up Highway 1 in CA. taken 2 weeks ago. Also the auto start/stop is an option.