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  1. Hey all, I have a 2007 SEL Plus, and the weatherstripping between the front and rear glass on the vista roof is coming apart. :-( I have looked in my Chilton manual, searched YouTube, Google, and various other resources without any luck... SO...., my question to you... what is the method used to replace this piece? I haven't had any leaks yet, and hopefully it won't before I can replace it. Oh, yeah, what is the part number or name of the part so I can get the correct one? Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!!! Gary W.
  2. Gary W.

    Vista Roof Weatherstripping

    Hey all, Hey enigma-2, I think it was the 4th listing.... Thanks for the info! http://www.fordparts.com/Commerce/PartDetail.aspx?n=0mGC%2blMwHAMgqSaFYnnUWg%3d%3d&id=393066333&m=2&search=true&year=2007&make=Ford&model=Edge I didn't think about looking under sun roof instead of vista roof!! Now the big question... how to replace.... Gary W.
  3. Gary W.

    New Shoes....

    Hey all, I finally was able to get new rims and tires, as well as getting it lowered about 2"!!! I am very pleased with the results! Not bad for an '07!! ENJOY!! Gary W.
  4. Hey all, I recently purchased a 2007 Edge and have already replaced the stock speakers in the doors with Polk Audio 6x8's in the rear doors and Polk Audio dxi6501 components in the front doors. Next comes the sub... I have read that the Polk DVC840 is a direct drop in, but is there any other sub that would fit the bill from other companies, such as JL Audio, or others? I would like some more definition, and some decent low end. I realize that it is only an 8" and am not expecting bass miracles. Also, is there any fiberfill in the stock enclosure, or is it an empty chamber? I haven't pulled the rear panel for the sub yet, so this is the inquiring mind questions coming out. Thanks in advance for any and all responses! Gary W.
  5. Gary W.

    New Shoes....

    Hey all, Here's some more... Gary W.
  6. Gary W.

    New Shoes....

    Hey all, I finally was able to get new rims and tires, as well as getting it lowered about 2"!!! I am very pleased with the results! Not bad for an '07!! ENJOY!! Gary W. I have the photos uploaded in the 2007 Edge page under "New Shoes..." I love uploading from a phone! ;-)
  7. Hey all, I have a 2007 Edge SEL Plus that I have installed a Pioneer DVD player in the dash. The radio performance has been sub-par, especially on medium distant staions that the stock stereo, and every other stereo I've installed, have no problems picking up. The ONLY installation difference is the antenna adapter that was needed because Ford likes the mini antenna plugs. I want to look at the inexpensive fixes first, so, does anyone know the correct adapter to use? My research brings up a Dodge adapter... that doesn't sound right. I can't return the stereo because 1) I purchased it out of town and it took a while until I got to install it, and 2) I DON'T WANNA!!!! I have had multiple Pioneer units in the past, and radio reception has NEVER been an issue. Thanks in advance for any help!! Gary W.
  8. Hey all, I do have seat memory function, but it doesn't move if I press the preset. It only moves unwantedly when I unlock the the door by pressing the button on the key fob. Or are you saying it might be part of the memory connection? Gary W.
  9. Hey all, I have a 2007 SEL Plus, and when I hit the unlock key on the remote, the door mirror shifts positions. It doesn't do this any other time, just when I unlock my vehicle. Any idea what would cause this? A loose ground wire? Bad motor? I don't have a clue on this one, thanks for any help you can give in advance! Gary W.
  10. Gary W.

    Antenna Connection

    Hey all, I had a chance to talk to an installer that I trust around this area, and came to the conclusion that the Pioneer HU I have and the adapter for it are both working well. He told me that there is a certain station around here that it would not pick up if it weren't working correctly. I guess I have to keep in mind that I live in a valley area that could result in spotty reception. I confirmed it, sort of, by parking a few feet differently than where I normally park at my house... i.e., where I installed the stereo. Guess I just pick the wrong times to be critical about wanting to listen to certain stations. It just might be a less sensitive radio than I am used to, as well. Thanks for the responses! Gary W.
  11. Hey all, Unfortunately, the car audio world has a LOT of catching up to do when compared to the home theater world. The biggest readily available encoding formats for any audio are Dolby Digital (DD), and DTS. Sony's SDDS will only be played in Sony equipped theaters, and THX is the certification process to "ensure" a certain level of quality in the equipment. Only companies that pay THX labs to certify their equipment can receive the certain levels of ratings. THX ratings mean that the quality of equipment used meets certain standards for audio quality, but doesn't ensure that you will approve of the sound, as it tends to be a flatter response level. DVD Audio is so dead that I don't think they even got to the point of making a HU that was compatible in the car world. SACD from Sony won the battle against DVD Audio, but fared about the same in the car world. Why a center speaker if it's not a dedicated channel on the audio track? Well, to answer that, we have to go back a couple of decades it the HT arena. Pro Logic, or Dolby Pro Logic, was an encoding/decoding method that took a stereo signal and created a phantom center channel by taking vocal frequencies, generally speaking, and instead of playing them through the left and right channels through the speakers, it created a center channel to play the voices through. There was no dedicated channel on the disc, necessarily, it was created, or decoded, by the processor before going to speakers. Gary W.
  12. Hey all, I have an '07 SEL Plus that had the 6 disc cd changer, no navigation, though. All of the doors had a "component" set of 4" mid with a @ .5" tweeter in a 6x8 enclosure. I believe that those speakers were 2 ohm speakers and the 8" sub was a dual 4 ohm speaker. The speaker locations in the doors is a 6"x8" cutout with enough room to fit about 2.75" depth without a spacer. The sub enclosure will fit @ 3.75" depth, and the enclosure is @ .3 cf. To put in your own amp for the sub, I would suggest running new wires for the amp UNLESS you are not going to run more than @ 100 watts. I put a JL Audio into the stock enclosure and bridged the stock amp to run the SVC 4 ohm load. I haven;t run any tests, but based on past systems I have had, I would say that @ 90-100 watts is the MAX being pushed by the stock amp. Here are some pics of the new sub: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/17085-2007-edge-subwoofer/?do=findComment&comment=124686 Here are a couple of pics of the doors: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/17320-door-speaker-installation/?do=findComment&comment=124688 There is a plug and play harness to connect an aftermarket HU to the stock sub amp with stereo rca's and remote turn on wire that comes as part of a mounting kit. All said and done, I have a Pioneer DVD player running @ 17 watts to each door and a stereo sub out running 2 volts to the factory sub amp. Speakers are Polk Audio dxi6501's in the front door and A pillar, dxi571's in the rear doors, and the JL sub in the back. It isn't going to win any loudness competitions, but it does suprise people with how loud and low the system actually plays, especially when they find out what speakers are in there. Hope this helps some. Gary W.
  13. Gary W.

    "New" '07 Owner

    Hey all, I purchased a 2007 Ford Edge about a month and a half ago, and I couldn't be happier! Orange Crush paint on beautiful black leather! I've done a couple of upgrades and maintenance things, so far, and can't wait to do more!! Enjoying the forum so far... GREAT information!! Gary W.
  14. Hey all, Here are some photos from the Polk Audio dxi6501 component speakers I installed in the front doors of my '07 Edge. The tweeters are installed in the A pillars about an inch or so above the dash. I don't have pics of them, yet. Enjoy!! Gary W.
  15. Gary W.

    Door Speaker Installation

    Hey all, Thanks! I was kind of surprised to see the black plastic for the door... looks more solid that the typical plastic sheet to "weather seal". Looking at it now, it looks like it might be a good possibility to create a custom enclosure to hold a little larger woofer in there without having to destroy/alter a door panel to do it!! Gary W.
  16. Gary W.

    "New" '07 Owner

    Hey all, I have already done a couple of things... upgrade stereo, door speakers, sub replacement, color matched plate frames, and changed spark plugs and PCV valve yesterday. Looking to upgrade the stereo amplification and rims to 20" sometime down the road! Gary W.
  17. Hey all, I couldn't take the look of the grey plate mount on the front and the advertising frame on the back....soooo... we had to do something about that! I got my local Napa to make a spray can of the Orange Crush paint and bought three plate frames. Yes, three! One to add to the front bracket and the other two stacked and sandwich the plate with a foam strip in between to cut down on vibration noise. Enjoy the pics! Gary W.
  18. Gary W.

    Steering wheel cover

    Hey all, I am partial to the old school leather laced wraps... Gary W. http://www.amazon.com/Superior-58-0550B-Super-Sport-Black/dp/B00029KA7C/ref=sr_1_7?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1423291267&sr=1-7&keywords=leather+steering+wheel+cover+lace+up
  19. Gary W.

    Color Match Plate Frames

    Hey all, Now, for the rear plate..... I like the stacked look. It gives it a little dimension!! Gary W.
  20. Gary W.

    2007 Edge Subwoofer

    Hey all, I almost forgot... sub fit very well, but I had to drill new mount holes for half of the screws. I also put about .25lb of polyester fiberfill in the enclosure. The sub is getting crossed at 63Hz in the HU settings, with about a +3 for output to make up for the difference in sensitivity between the JL and the Polks. Gary W.
  21. Gary W.

    2007 Edge Subwoofer

    Hey all, I finally got around to being able to post pics of the JL Audio 8W1V-3 sub I installed in January. It is a SVC sub, so I bridged the factory amp to the sub. Door speakers (Polk Audio) are being run off the Pioneer AVH-X3600BTS I installed. Enjoy the photos! Gary W.
  22. Gary W.

    What Color (Colour) is your Ford Edge or MKX?

    Hey all, Mine is Orange Crush... GW is the code... kinda fitting!! Gary W.
  23. Gary W.

    2007 Edge Subwoofer

    Hey all, Thanks for the info! Was there any redrilling of holes needed for the Kickers? Empty... OK, fiberfill time it is!! :-) Has anyone tried a JL or Pioneer sub? I have never been a big fan of Kenwood or Rockford Fosgate, but i am willing to listen if they sound good. Gary W.