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  1. Street tuning and datalogging is actually better as it provides real life load on the vehicle. A dyno can get you close, but tweaking the tune on the street will get it near perfect. I just saw that Unleashed bought a Fusion Sport with the 2.7L, so that will help us Edge owners. I'm going to wait a bit to pull the trigger.
  2. Are both tunes running the same timing and boost? I've used an SCT tuner in my Mustang previously and it seems like the industry standard amongst Ford tuners.
  3. How's the latest revision from Unleashed? I am looking to get their X4 and custom tune. I spoken to Torrie and he said that he has tuned a few 2.7 Edge's and would custom tune my car. My thoughts are that the SCT route is better as it's more in demand when I want to sell the car. Any Ford product can use the X4 vs. the Livernois is locked into the vehicle and they charge $250 to unlock it for the new user.
  4. jason05gt

    Sport 0-60 and 1/4 mile

    The tuner itself doesn't allow you to datalog? I know you can very easily with SCT.
  5. jason05gt

    Sport 0-60 and 1/4 mile

    I would bet octane and the fact that your car only had 200 miles on it contributed to the slow trap speed. Based on what I've seen in regards to published test, the trap speed should be closer to 100 mph stock.
  6. jason05gt

    VBOX TESTED: 0-60 vs. RPM Launch

    A couple of things that I noticed doing some "testing" last night on my wife's Sport: -I turned off traction control. With the car brake torqued to the stall speed, the front wheels would chirp and I could feel some rotation, maybe a quarter turn, before the power was directed rearward. I am sure if I had TC on that it would have cut power for a split second. -The stall speed of the torque converter is about 2,500 rpms. So it would be interested if you re-tested your vehicle with traction control off and increasing the launch speed to ~2,500 rpms.
  7. I'll be happy with a tune. It should pick up good power and torque. The actual tune should work for both the Edge Sport and F-150.
  8. I put HID's in my wife's Sport and was having issues. Our cars require the CANBUS kit and the kit that I bought needed the full relay harness. What is happening is that the ballasts aren't getting enough voltage and shut off on some occasions. The harness connects to the battery vs pulling voltage from the OEM headlight harness. I went with 4300K which is a bit brighter. Looks nice!
  9. I've got the OEM one and it fits nicely and protects the cargo floor. Seems to be durable just like the Weathertech liners I've seen.
  10. jason05gt

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    Any updates on the Sport hitch front? I remember someone on here was going to have their dealer try to install the OEM hitch with the Sport bumper. Was just looking for any updates.
  11. jason05gt

    Edge Sport has arrived !

    Did you call Ford's 800 customer service number? I had some issues with mine shipping and they were very helpful in tracking down my car and providing updates. Also, other Edge's in your area might have been driven via truck as I was told by my dealer that they had a railcar shortage at the plant. Not sure if that was dealer BS, but that would make sense as to why some are being shipped rail vs. truck.
  12. I have the panoramic roof rattle too. It's coming from the front above the courtesy light assembly. When I close the shade, I don't hear it. I am going to take it to the dealer to have them look at it soon.
  13. I got my HID's to work with the auto function. I had to buy an additional part to work with our cars: http://www.xenondepot.com/HID-CANBUS-Fix-p/cbfix.htm The HID's work perfectly and fire up with the engine on now. I'll work on mounting the ballasts cleanly in the next day or so and post pictures.
  14. jason05gt

    Class II Two Package and Hands Free Liftgate

    I got under my Sport yesterday and the concern I had was the clearance between the muffler and bumper support. There's not much room.
  15. The lows are H11. I pulled the OEM bulbs and it said it right on the base. I am working on a fix for my HID issue and hopefully will test it next week when the part comes in.
  16. jason05gt

    Class II Two Package and Hands Free Liftgate

    Awesome. Let me know if the OEM hitch works with the Sport.
  17. I just got my Edge last night and tried XenonDepot's H11 kit. I guess I am the guinea pig as I ran into an issue. The kit is plug and play, which is nice. I started out on the drivers side and took out the Halogen H11 bulb and replaced with the H11 HID bulb. Took me about 5 minutes from start to finish. I turned the lights on and they worked, great! Now I wanted to see how they looked from farther away, so I started the car. This is where I ran into issues. When I started the car, the bulb went out. My theory is that the ballast doesn't have enough voltage and I need a relay kit tied directly into the battery for stable voltage. I contacted XenonDepot to see if they could provide support, so I will update once I hear back from them.
  18. jason05gt

    Driver floor is SOAKING WET

    Hi Tricia. Can you provide us with the TSB number for the leak fix?
  19. I just texted the sales manager. He's an enthusiast and straight shooter. I'll have more information shortly. He's also checking to make sure that my vehicle doesn't qualify for the corrosion recall. Based on production dates, it doesn't. It doesn't hurt to double check.
  20. Anyone have the TSB #? I am picking my Sport up on Monday and want to make sure this is addressed before delivery.
  21. jason05gt

    After 1 month in my Sport

    My dealer said the same thing that Summer Only tires were available on the 21's. Maybe that's changed since I ordered but that's what the screen said at the dealership. Seems like Ford wasn't very clear with this option. I would have ordered 21's had I known I could have gotten all seasons.
  22. What's needed to make the H9's work? I am looking to buy HID's for my 15 Sport. I'm assuming that 4,300K is the factory temp?
  23. jason05gt

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    I found that odd, but my dad verified that it does happen from time to time. He said that if it's a non critical part they will sometime produce the car and then go back to install it at a later date before shipping.
  24. jason05gt

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    I would take production times with a grain of salt. My Sport was supposed to be built on 5/4 and delivered on 5/18. Production was pushed back to 5/13 and the car is built waiting to be delivered. I guess there's some sort of parts hold affecting 5,000 vehicles at the plant.