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  1. I have found that Diehard branded batteries are not very good. I have gone through three of them, two in our Ford Edge. Mine all failed one or two months out of warranty. (Bought them at the local Sam's Club.) i think the days of car batteries lasting 5-6 years are gone. 4 years might be a good life. Including my experience with AGM batteries. And yes, charging voltage usually in the mid 14 volts, at least here. Doug
  2. The difference is that our battery was dead, and still in the Edge for at least a day. I put the battery on a 1.5 amp battery tender, and that did not help at all. The tender did not indicate the battery was bad, just half way discharged. We did not loose radio presets, memory seat settings, etc. Just the Climate Control was messed up, but as I said above, it worked fine the next day. Thanks - Doug
  3. Thanks for the response. I am happy to report that the after sitting overnight, the Climate Control works great now. No resetting occurred, just the passage of time. I will check ForScan.org for information - I appreciate that. It might be that the battery management system on our car does not get reset. In another ~4 years I will get a quote from a Ford dealer to install a battery and get it reset then. Doug
  4. Our 4 year old 2016 Ford Edge Sport's OEM battery died. Dead. It read 8.2 volts. Bought a new battery, installed it. (Total battery dead time car had was ~30 hours I would say.) Everything seemed fine. Clicks and such from under the hood when I connected the leads, lights came on, etc. Started right up. But, the Climate Control was not working correctly. Outside temperature reading on dash was 84 degrees. Setting for temperature on the system was "HI". I turned it down to 70 degrees F, and the air was diverted to the floor output and the air temp coming out was warm/hot. Only way to get cooling was to engage "Max A/C" and the output diverted to the dash and cold air was plentiful. So I know the A/C compressor is working. I brought the climate controls up on the touch screen, and various combinations there produced the same result. I plan on checking it today after work after the car set all night (with a good battery). Maybe there is a sensor in the dash that needs to re-calibrate, or be powered on for a while. I searched the net, found this video that indicates codes needs to be reset, including the Battery Monitoring System (BMS). My Innova OBD code reader is not up to the task. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi3iFtmp3H0> Anyone know how to reset the BMS without visiting the dealer? Might have to go to the dealer anyway if the Climate Control issue does not get resolved. Thanks - Doug
  5. Thank you both! I was just going to clean it as a matter of time passing and mileage. I will leave it alone! I appreciate the instructions, so at least I know which item the MAP sensor is under the cover. Doug
  6. Hi Folks, Can someone point me to the location of the Ford Edge 2.7L Mass Air Flow Sensor(s)? Ours is a 2016 Edge Sport, 35k miles. I searched the forum, and am either searching incorrectly, or the information is not posted here. My understanding is that it is okay to clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor, but we should not clean the Throttle Body on a turbocharged engine. That is what I learned from the CRC videos. I am not a mechanic. I have been working on my cars for 40+ years. I am an engineer. ? But I am not a mechanic!! Thanks - Doug
  7. These tires and rims are sold. Thanks - Doug
  8. I replaced one of the rims on our 2016 Edge Sport by ordering a rim, via eBay, from Detroit Wheel and Tire. It arrived and did not match my rims, color wise, at all. I was able to get ahold of someone at Detroit W&T who told me that all they sell for my car are take-offs, and the color is different from year to year. Might not be totally true, but he sent me another rim that matched perfectly. I think it was $350 shipped, they covered the shipping for the return and replacement. Local shop mounted and balanced, swapped the TPMS sensor. I have not tried to have my curbed OEM rim refurbed here locally yet. I did buy winter tires, 19” OEM tires, rims and TPMS. Since running them, no curbing - just good driving by my wife. Disclaimer - I am selling a set of wheels listed in the classifieds. Doug
  9. I've had some "tire kickers" expressed interest, but they are still here at the house. Offers? Thanks - Doug
  10. For Sale - 4 Ford Edge Sport 21" Rims & Tires. These are 2016 factory Ford rims with factory Pirelli Scorpion tires on them. Tire size is 265/40 R21. Ford TPMS sensors are installed in the rims. A matched factory set. Excellent condition. I bought these as a spare set for our 2016 Ford Edge Sport, but have never used them. The tread depths of the tires varies from 6/32nds to 9/32nds. New tread depth for these tires is listed by Pirelli as 12/32nds. There are two curb marks that I have included pictures of. You can buy these rims used from Detroit Wheel & Tire for $350 per wheel, the tires are $220 each (new), and the TPMS sensors are ~$50. Add mounting, balancing and you are well over $2k. $1,250. Located in central Ohio. Will drive to the edges of the state to meet. Prefer not to ship. Thanks - Doug
  11. We have a set of stock Edge 18" rims for winter, and the 21" Edge Sport rims for summer. Not really any difference in ride quality ("Softness"). There is handling difference, but only when you are pushing the car some. Day to day driving not any noticeable difference. I add this to support the notion that your ride might be more the suspension than the tires. Doug
  12. I have a product called Wax Remover or similar. It is in a shoe polish type bottle, with a foam applicator on the top. It works great, as it removes the wax from the textured plastic. I forget where I bought it, it was not much $$. Doug
  13. I bought some close out K&N oil filters from Walmart for $7 this week. Perhaps only my local Walmart is doing this, but in case anyone is in their local Walmart they might check. The book Walmart had to lookup the filter for my 2016 Edge Sport only went to 2015, but the K&N filter box listed Motorcraft FL2062 as a filter the ones I bought replaced. I am not a proponent of K&N, but my understanding is they are good filters. Just FYI. Thanks - Doug
  14. Congratulations! We have a 2006 Acura TL, and on a recent trip to a neighboring state in our 2016 Edge Sport, I told my wife that I can now let my son have the Acura TL. I have found a vehicle that I like to drive as much. I hope your Ford treats you well. Doug
  15. Hi Folks - any update on this? My wife curb a rim, and we bought a rim on ebay from Detroit Wheel. (I had bought from them before for our Acura TL. Great result.) The rim I received was to dark, basically gray. Talking with Detroit Wheel they stated that there are three colors used on the rim, and even if we purchased from Ford (quoted ~$1,200 each with tax), there would be color fluctuations. I am awaiting word back from Detroit Wheel on returning the rim, and am considering just touching the rim up with the TBD paint. Thanks - Doug Rim comparison: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksazcq5o0bb29n0/Edge-Rim-Compare.JPG?dl=0
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