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  1. I appreciate the receptiveness. I agree, no one will ever be completely happy with changes, but I think consolidating sections would help in clarity of navigation. I just have to imagine that there are a number of people (non-members) who stumble across the forum via Google and don't know where to go first. This is true, but I have to wonder if the forum would be more active if non-members who visited the site found more ease of use in navigation. Then they'd join and contribute.
  2. Why are the so many different sections within the forums here? 2015+ Edge & MKX Generation II should be one section, there is absolutely no need for 2015, 2016, 2017 under it. 2018 is omitted, I might add. Then there's the other subforums such as Glass, Lenses, Lighting, Mirrors, Sunroof (BAMR), Wipers. Why does that need to be it's own area? A forum I used to visit often with my last car was Acurazine.com, which in my opinion, is organized quite efficiently. Each model is it's own "community", with granular subforums nested within. https://acurazine.com/forums/ I don't mean to sound rude, but navigating this site is a pain in the rear and is the biggest reason I don't frequent it more often. I'm a 2nd Gen owner and only want 2015+ Edge content, all in one place, ideally.
  3. cjh

    2015 Titanium windshield

    Use your backbone. Politely tell the dealer you want the crappy 3rd party glass (I've had multiple windshields replaced on different cars and 3rd party glass is never as good as OEM. I don't care what anyone says) replaced due to it not meeting OEM standards. It's not in need of "a cleaning". It's just cheap glass. If they don't comply, time to get a bit more stern. It's unfortunately the only way sometimes with these dealers. If they still don't budge, threaten (or post) reviews on Google and social media. Ford corporate monitors these and the dealer can get in some big trouble if they don't meet certain customer service standards; these reviews factor in heavily into that. There is financial incentive for the dealer to have favorable reviews. I have a friend who is a sales manager at a dealer and he loathes bad reviews on Google and social media, they'll get a phone call almost immediately from Ford asking them to follow-up with the customer. Sorry for the lengthy reply. I've had my share of poor customer service from dealers recently. Best of luck.
  4. cjh

    2017 Ford Edge Sport Gas Mileage

    Ok I'm not that daft, I wasn't inches from the semi trailer. Probably at least 5-7 car lengths. Road was flat as a pancake.
  5. cjh

    2017 Ford Edge Sport Gas Mileage

    Averaged 34mpg this weekend on the highway, going about 65mph with no AC. Was behind a semi, so I’m sure that helped (drafting), but damn I was impressed. Sustained this economy for about 10 miles too. I typically average 22 combined, 28-30 highway. Running LMS 93 octane aggressive tune.
  6. cjh

    New Soon to be Edge Sport Owner

    Welcome! I have the same color combo and couldn't be happier. It's an amazing ride, you're going to love it!
  7. cjh

    2017 Ford Edge Sport Gas Mileage

    19mpg combined, 93 octane, sport mode 100% of the time.
  8. If it makes you feel better, my Edge interior had some pretty nasty rattles the first 5-10K miles. Aside from a rear door trim rattle fixed by the dealer, they all seemed to just go away with time and wear. No clue why. 18K miles now and quiet as can be.
  9. Wish I had full leather seats in my Sport. The suede is neat and looks nice, but I like the feel of leather more.
  10. Well thank you. I've sold many, many things online. It's important to be transparent.
  11. I do. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  12. Looking to find someone to takeover the lease on my Tuxedo Black 2015 Ford Edge Sport. Got a new job that is going to require more miles than I'll be able to swing in this lease. The vehicle is in excellent condition, with 17,300 miles. The car has every option available from the factory at the time of purchase (navigation, 21" wheels, lane keep assist, blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, heated/cooled seats, panoramic sunroof, front and rear camera, etc.). The car has window tint and I also have a set of 21" snow tires that I'll throw in for $600 (if you want), they were only used for this past season for ~6K miles. New, those tires were $1600. Monthly payment is $428.60. It's a 36 month lease that will be up in February 2019 and is allocated 36,400 miles at the end of the lease. I'd handle most of the paperwork with Ford Motor Credit to fully transfer the lease into your name. You have to be approved for credit with Ford by submitting an application, but you'd save quite a bit of money since this is $0 down/no tax. I already put a substantial amount down on it when I bought it last year. Located in Grand Rapids, MI. Would be willing to assist in coordinating transport for serious buyers (you pay).
  13. I do not have any errors or issues with the LED DRLs.
  14. cjh

    New 2017 Edge, loaded, day1 notes

    Congrats. The safety features are fun to play with
  15. Mine cracked. I'd never get one again. $1500 for a piece of glass that rattles and breaks. Love the Edge otherwise though