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  1. looks like an impact of some sort. i see slits and cuts, not cracks. the outside elements wouldn't cause that. perhaps your parked somewhere and were backed into by a larger higher vehicle and didn't realize it till after the fact.
  2. pinyin

    What the ST is, what it might have been?

    I am also coming off lease soon. Right now I'm looking at the Volvo XC60 T6, Audi SQ5, VW Golf R, Acura RDX S-Type. If the VW Tiguan R Line actually came with the Golf R engine, that would be my choice, but VW refuses to offer that package because it would cut into Audi Q5 sales. And when you say "performance" keep in mind that horsepower isn't the only indicator of performance. My sister in laws Tiguan S is actually much faster around highway on ramps, and much more enjoyable to drive than my Edge, even though it has 130 less horsepower. Ford is notorious for selling the most horsepower per dollar in most vehicle segments, but they skimp on things like the transmission and vehicle handling dynamics.
  3. pinyin

    What the ST is, what it might have been?

    They should have built it on a new chassis. One that is rear wheel drive biased like the F150. An ST badged Edge was inevitable given that Ford is moving away from passenger car production, and increasing SUV, light truck production. They have always done well with sales of the Raptors, HD and Eddie Bauer edition vehicles. I'm sure we'll see more of this type of marketing in the coming years. I'm sure it will have enough power. The Edge Sport has plenty of power, but handles poorly.
  4. drivers side cooled seat in my 2015 only works intermittently.
  5. pinyin

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    15 Sport -transmission is jerky and doesn't have enough gears -very little legroom for a car this size -poor handling even with 40 series Z rated tires -the led driving lights are a different color than the HIDS -the motor/trans mounts are junk-mine were shot at 12k -poor fuel economy for an engine called "Ecoboost" -Sync 2 unusable due to non capacative touchscreen -Ford never issued a recall or a fix for the cooled seats-they charged a premium for them, knowing they do not work.
  6. pinyin

    2019 Edge Order Guide

    ST stands for Suspension Tuning. With that in mind, the Edge ST will heavily focus on handling. I would assume lower ride height with stiffer dampers and different valving than the Sport. Also 20 more HP, which is would be achieved by a different tuning map. I would also bet that the gas mileage will be worse than the Sport. Given how rapidly the Sports have depreciated in value, and that this generation of the Edge is an outgoing platform, 50K is very expensive for this car, regardless of the horsepower to dollars ratio.
  7. I wouldn't want another Edge and luckily my 15 Sport only has 6 months left on the lease. Dislikes: -handling -transmission -fuel economy -cheap paint (lots of small rust specs on the lower panels, even though i wax after every wash) -Ford dealership service is a joke -sync 2 -cooled seats never worked -cheesy LED daytime running lights -front leg room I know that Ford has rectified most of my dislikes with the Edge ST, but I want something with better tech and build quality. Will most likely be moving on to a Volvo XC60 T6 or and Audi SQ5. I feel like by 2018 Ford should have put the 2.3T from Focus RS into the Edge, to give it less weight and more horsepower with a chance at greater fuel efficiency than the current 2.7 Ecoboost. Although most auto manufacturers are headed in that direction, I fee like Ford is dragging their feet, especially with one of the most popular vehicle segments.
  8. smart phone authentication seems to be the direction that this technology is headed, especially seeing how the Tesla app interacts with the vehicle.
  9. pinyin

    Titanium Seats uncomfortable

    Edge seats are pretty narrow. I'm on the thinner side 6'3 and 195 and I find them to be slightly narrow compared to the Recaro's in my much smaller B7 S4. I would think the only real solution would be to move up to a larger vehicle like the Explorer. Newer cars keep getting larger dimensions on the exterior and smaller on the interior. My brothers MKX is the same as well, but it seems like there is slightly more cushioning on those seat bolsters.
  10. pinyin

    Custom Exhaust on my Sport

    thanks for the video's. sounds good, and not at all ricey or obtrusive. i think most of us Edge owners take the noise cancellation system for granted. i suppose that your cabin drone may have something to the noise cancelling audio system emitting overlapping resonant frequencies.
  11. pinyin

    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page

    Really? I cross shopped the Edge Sport with the SQ5, XC90 T6, Lexus RC350 F Sport and MB AMG CLA45. All of which were similarly priced, with the exception of the SQ5. The CLA45 was obviously much too small and I found that most MB buyers simply overpay for the brand name and buying/service experience. I would assume that the Edge ST will have a price tag around 55-58k, so it certainly should compete against the SQ5, XC90 T8, Jaguar F-Pace and Afla Stelvio at their base trim levels. Ford definitely took a few customers from the aforementioned market segments by offering similar performance with a lesser price tag. Whether or not Ford intentionally targeted that market demographic I don't know, but it sure seems like the ST is targeted to compete against those brands.
  12. pinyin

    Ford Edge ST Facebook Page

    ST-Suspension Tuning division. I think the primary focus of the Edge ST is handling, since it did not gain much of a horsepower or torque boost. The current Edge Sport handles much better than it's japanese and american competitors, but I think the market segment for the ST is Audi SQ5, Jaguar F-Pace, BMW X5, Volvo XC60 R and Alfa Romeo Stelvio customers. These euro SUV's are quite compentant in handling and sit in the same price bracket as the Edge Sport. I'm really interested in comparing the Edge ST once my lease is up. I think Ford should setup some sort track day for current Edge Sport owners, since dealers won't allow their cars to be test driven.
  13. pinyin

    Coolant in Oil

    you need to replace the water pump whenever you replace the serpentine belt and flush the coolant system. should also be changing the belt tensioner pulley while in there as well. it's partially the shops fault for selling you a service without completely finishing the job. oil change shops are bottom of the barrel in terms of skilled or trained technicians. never take your car to an oil change shop, and certainly never let them try to do a repair on it. you are just asking for trouble. always find a private mechanic at a reputable shop. preferably one who was once a Ford technician.