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  1. Old Ray

    Arrived at dealer!

    Congrats ! ?
  2. Old Ray

    New Edge ST's At Dealer But Now A Dilemma

    He trades every two years by the look of it, most of us only keep our cars for four or five years, if that, or until it's paid for ? I doubt that in the worst salt conditions that with weekly car washes there would be any rust perforation in 4 years, this would be a problem for the one person in a thousand that is going to keep the car forever.
  3. Old Ray

    New Edge ST's At Dealer But Now A Dilemma

    You don't have to understand it, ...and you have a lot, ...I mean a lot, ...of company in that department. I am on my second Edge sport that I use for a 6 km daily commute. Not sure about the Explorer, but I have never driven a vehicle that is as sure footed (especially in snow and ice) as the Edge ...and my other vehicle is a 4x4 truck.
  4. Old Ray


    Humm.........I'm old and therefore a little skeptical , seen a lot of dealers, bought a lot of cars. If I was a betting man I would say the stickers will still be on. But I sure have been wrong many times before. ?
  5. Old Ray

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    Right on! ? I have had a friend for many years, that everywhere he worked, every person or company that he worked for, was stupid and didn't know what they were doing. And therefore if they were stupid, he must be smarter. Insecurity maybe?
  6. Old Ray

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    I agree with what you said............but ignoring facts would never never happen in todays world ! ?
  7. Old Ray

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    ........ so, if the radio/stereo/audio is turned off then this "feature" is inoperative ?
  8. Old Ray

    First Test: Edge ST

    ...... sure, ....just rub it in !
  9. Old Ray

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Not worth starting new thread for,....... and I'm just the messenger; https://driving.ca/ford/edge/auto-news/news/ford-unveils-evil-looking-edge-st-camera-car
  10. Opps, I see said the blind guy, the summary is just that, my bad, but the option panel on the side shows it included (if you ordered the option??) Sucks to be old! Never use the hands free anyways, it only works here in the poor dog sledding season (summer). I like the way the 400A is equipped, suits me just perfect.
  11. Are you sure? Tell me where I went wrong. Did you look at the Canadian build site? If I build a 400A it shows hands free foot operated lift-gate as included without the convenience option . Aren't you the guy that told me I could have the 21" wheels are as a stand alone option on the 400A ? Not happening. (JUST KIDDING HERE). (wink)
  12. Well no, or well,......maybe ? There is a confusing conflict in the "build your own" for the ST, it reads like the hands free lift gate is only part of the convenience group, but if you build it with out that option it shows in the summary as included? I think (scary) that it is included, to build two models with and with out would cost more then just building all with it. Packages 400A Class II Trailer Tow Package with Trailer Sway Control $500.00 Cold Weather Package Exterior $020-inch Bright-Machined Aluminum with High Gloss Black-Painted Pocket Wheels $0Hands-Free, Foot-Activated Liftgate $0Windshield Wiper De-Icer $0Rain-Sensing Wipers $0Engine Block Heater $0Auto Start-Stop $0Remote Start System $0BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert $0Lane-Keeping System $0P245/50R20 All-Season (A/S) BSW
  13. Hey Ben, ...Ray from Invermere, B.C. Good luck with getting Ford to do anything. So bad news for you, but maybe good news for me, (I hope) if I can suck it up and live with the ugly 20 inch wheels, and with the 400a and add the cold weather package it just might work, I don't need Nav or any of the 401 stuff.
  14. Old Ray

    2019 Edge ST Update

    See above about being too lazy, sorry. Are the performance spec on the MKX, in spite of the extra sound deadening, as "bad" as the new ST ?