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  1. Tightanium

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    I finally did it. 54k on orange. Changed it to yellow. 5 drain and fills with distilled water. Then put in 1 gallon of yellow, drove around for awhile, drained it once more in a clean container, filled with one more gallon of yellow. It tested with just a bit more of antifreeze then water. So I’ll adjust that later. The first drain of antifreeze in clean container is now saved for top off as its real close to 50/50 mix now. Actually it’s got more water then antifreeze. Or I’ll use it in my F150 when I swap out the orange. I also changed the oil and PTU fluid. Just throwing that out there. I don’t know why but doing maintenance always puts a smile on my face when I drive it. 😁
  2. Tightanium

    2017 Edge 3.5L V6 Getting 34 MPG

    This is the gauge you should use. Almost 100 hours of driving there.
  3. Tightanium

    2017 Edge 3.5L V6 Getting 34 MPG

    Isn’t the first little line left of 15 your real average mpg? I don’t really look at that gauge for mpg. I try using trip 2 as ave mpg. Sometimes I never reset 2 and after 4 or 5k Miles I’m at 19 mpg.
  4. Tightanium

    New rims

    I replaced OEM 19’s with OEM 20’s. I was tired of the silver rims.
  5. Tightanium

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    I’m always blown away when someone buys a 135000 mile car and expects no problems. Chances you take when you buy used.
  6. Tightanium

    Water Pump replacement; engine tear down?

    So if you don’t believe this will help you’re going to leave your coolant in way to long ? Atleast changing it makes me feel better weather it works or not. I’m not sure it will help either but why take the chance.
  7. Tightanium

    Sport style grill

    I masked it off.
  8. Tightanium

    Sport style grill

    I did this to mine while on the car. I think you have to remove the bumper to get the grill off.
  9. Tightanium

    Thinking about purchasing 2015:Sport

    My 2016 Titanium has been flawless. No issues.
  10. Thats what I did. It’s Way better. But I have a 2016.
  11. Tightanium

    Edge emblem 3/8" higher then Titanium emblem

    A little OCD.? My 2016 is 1/8 inch off. Maybe the 2018 is different again.
  12. Ok I apologize. There were no 2018’s on the lot but several 2019’s. I could not see the outline on the 19’s but in my defense the 3 2016’s looked just like mine. And Omar’s. Maybe they changed that in 2018? You could pay more then $45k for on F150 and have this. Just saying. I guess that’s why it doesn’t bother me. I thought it was suppose to be there. My apologies.
  13. Mine doesn’t look any worse then omars pic. I’ll admit I don’t go around looking at all the vehicle dashes to see if they have an outline or not. It’s probably suppose to be like that. And I’m pretty sure Ford won’t do crap to fix your outline. Since you didn’t post a pic of your dash I’ll do you a favor. I’m scheduled for an oil change today at the dealership. I’m going to look at as many Edge dashes that I can and let you all know what I see.
  14. I can see mine. But it’s not a big deal to me. I thought it was normal.
  15. Tightanium


    Mine have been good. I don’t feel mine are loud. Used them in deep snow ok. I might buy again.