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    2012 SYNC issues

    Hey guys. 2012 Ford Edge gunning the basic sync system and recently it has stopped allowing me to access any of the sync features at all. My steering wheel sync button has stopped working and when I attempt to manipulate the dash buttons to get to the sync features it just jumps to regular radio stations. I have tried to perform a master reset but I cannot find it on the basic sync. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Blake Willis Ehret

    2.0 ecoboost longevity?

    $1800 for a water pump!? jesus someone please confirm with me that 1800 is absolutely crazy.
  3. Blake Willis Ehret

    Hard shifting

    I have been looking at doing the drain and fill 3x but most of the dealers I have been in contact with suggest not doing this. They say it can cause any problems to actually get worse. What are your thoughts?
  4. Blake Willis Ehret

    2.0 ecoboost longevity?

    Any sources on engines over 150k with the 2.0 turbo? Like I said, If I am the only one on the forum with almost 120k I'll start keeping more detailed information.
  5. Blake Willis Ehret

    2.0 ecoboost longevity?

    While this is still a "2.0 ecoboost" they revamped quite a few things about it from my understanding. It's not the same design anymore. It's modified enough for them to change the name on it as well. It's now a "twin-scroll 2.0 ecoboost".
  6. Blake Willis Ehret

    2.0 ecoboost longevity?

    Anyone have some longevity data on these engines? Ford is already replacing the 2.0 ecoboost as of the 2016 model I believe. I was just curious seeing as how my 2012 Ford edge has 117,000+ miles on it and was not sure how much I could get out of it. I have seen older models such as 2008 with an excess of 230,000 miles but these are not ecoboost engines. If I have the highest mileage on the forum I will begin keeping a more detailed account of any maintenance. Best, B
  7. Blake Willis Ehret

    2011 SEL

    Congratulations on the car! Should you encounter the ever so common Door Ajar issue shop around. I called 5 dealers and made them compete for the price. Worked out quite well in my opinion. Anyways, Good luck!
  8. im sure this thread is a touch old but i have a towing unit on my car but the webpage states "Less trailer towing" like previously stated above. so what i have been able to gather is that the hitch is after market meaning my 2012 edge 2.0l ecoboost has a towing capacity of 2000 lbs. but what the hell does "tailgate appliques" refer to?
  9. Blake Willis Ehret

    2012 Edge Ecoboost Stutter

    Thoughts on this model? https://www.amazon.com/Veepeak-Automotive-Diagnostic-Compliant-Vehicles/dp/B01I8UJ0V8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485969202&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=obd-ii+scanner&psc=1 Thanks!
  10. Blake Willis Ehret

    New To The Forum! Ecoboost turbo lag?

    Shes is pretty dirty right now but i will throw a few up!
  11. Blake Willis Ehret

    2012 Edge Ecoboost Stutter

    So my first question is if I get this code reader application or what not, is the computer going to have anything to tell me if there are not any check engine lights? Follow up: Are there any threads on intercooler cleaning with pictures? Best, B
  12. Blake Willis Ehret

    Black exaust tips

    i have this same issue with my 2012 edge. Both are black as night.
  13. Blake Willis Ehret

    2012 Edge Ecoboost Stutter

    Basic Info 2012 Ford Edge SEL FWD 2.0L Ecoboost 116xxx Miles Tow Package 3rd owner 245/50/R20 Spark notes on the story: Purchased early January 2017 With the known DOOR AJAR issue. Took to dealer for this repair and asked for any recommended service and I requested a transmission fluid change as well. Dealer advised not to change Transmission fluid as "it may actually cause more problems" but advised on a spark plug change. According to dealer they did an inspection on everything else (fluids,Belts,timing, Filters ETC) and it all appeared to be fine. But I'm no mechanic so how the hell do I know. Replaced the plugs (for an outrageous cost might I add seeing as the 2.0 only needs 4 at 3$ a plug) and the door ajar issue running me about $475. Now the engine has started to stutter a bit but only at low RPM. Almost feels to me like the engine may be misfiring on one cylinder but not all of the time and only when I am stepping on the gas lightly. so far no engine lights or warnings. and it seems to be running perfect at higher rpm and highway speeds. typically i experience this issue in the morning when i first start driving the car and keep in mind it had been strange weather here in KY all the way from 20 degrees to 65 in the last week or so. I had mentioned in a previous post that i had thought this may be turbo lag but someone dismissed that theory. Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards, B
  14. Blake Willis Ehret

    Roof rails- 2016 SEL- no sun roof

    My Knowledge of this is limited but if you find any cheap cross rails post them up BC my edge didn't come with any...
  15. Blake Willis Ehret

    "New" 2010 Ford Edge Sport owner

    YASSSSS pictures!