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  1. I've got a 2016 Edge with Sync 3 and Nav. I can take a look at 720-05-01 later today and let you know what I see tonight. However, from looking at the mod sheet, it looks like the 2 in D028 means no climate control without nav. D038 would mean no climate control with nav. The default value for nav is D8B8 and the default value for no nav is D8A8. Those codes are hexadecimal values and if you break them down to binary, it appears that there is one bit that is the toggle for the nav menu. I'm looking specifically at the third digit in D028/D038/D8A8/D8B8 and the fourth binary digit of that third hexadecimal digit. (I'll try to keep the computer gibberish to a minimum). In binary 2 is 0010, 3 is 0011, A is 1010 and B is 1011. Think of those binary digits as toggle switches. That fourth binary digit is the one that appears to be the nav menu toggle. It's 1 (or on) for each code for nav and 0 (or off) for each code for no nav. The first binary digit appears to be the toggle for climate control. I don't have climate control on my right screen, so I would guess that my code is D038 right now or maybe D838. I'm not sure what the second hexadecimal digit does. If you're seeing D028 right now, I'd change that to D038 to enable the nav menu on the right screen. Changing it to another value means that you would be changing other bits (or toggle switches) and we don't necessarily know what they do. Edit: I just downloaded my as-built data from the Ford/Motorcraft site and it shows 720-05-01 on my vehicle as D838.
  2. I updated my Sync on Saturday and uploading the XML file didn't seem to register with the Ford Owner site. It would say it accepted the upload but then say that I still needed to confirm the install by uploading the XML file. I just logged into the Ford Owner site now and it says I'm up to date. Whatever the problem was, I think it was on the Ford web site and it's since been fixed.
  3. My phone isn't on the list of compatible phones but it still works with AA. I think the compatible phone list is just a list of phones that Ford has actually tested. It doesn't mean that phones not on the list won't work. Try a different cable as omar302 suggested. There are a lot of cheap USB cables out there that can cause all kinds of problems.
  4. I have navigation and my SYNC build number is 18025. I seem to recall reading somewhere that you need to downgrade to 2.2 before it will upgrade to the official 3.0 from the unofficial version. I never installed the unofficial version, so I can't offer any real advice based on experience.
  5. I didn't notice any lockups in 2.3 although I didn't change the screens all that often. I've been changing the screens quite a bit in 3.0 looking for any new features and getting Applink to work with my Android phone and didn't notice any lockups at all.
  6. Quila

    Navigation Update

    Based on the address for that site, that is most likely a development site and most likely not meant or ready for public use. The support group for Naviextras probably shouldn't be giving that address out since development sites usually have a lot of broken links.
  7. I think the reason they say to leave the engine running is that the accessory power will not stay on for 30 minutes without the engine running. If Sync3 shuts down during an update, that could result in a botched update. You can still drive while the update is in progress, it just needs to be in park to start the update. Once the update is started, you can drive the vehicle. Ideally, start the update just before a 30+ minute drive.
  8. You should be able to adjust this in the settings menu on the left side. Go into Settings, Vehicle, Remote Start. There are settings there for climate control, seats and steering wheel.
  9. Quila

    Navigation Update

    It sucks that maps don't get updated, but I just chalk it up to a learning experience. I have no intention of buying built in navigation again unless there is some kind of written guarantee that maps will be updated. Of course, when they realize people don't want to pay for outdated navigation any more, they'll probably start charging for Android Auto and Carplay. BMW is already charging for Carplay and wants to start charging an annual subscription fee for it. https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/16/16897326/bmw-apple-carplay-subscription-google-alexa-detroit-auto-show-2018
  10. I think this is old news, or maybe I'm missing something. Waze has been working with Sync3 and Android Auto since Sync3 version 2.2. Actually, I think there was an update to the Waze app before it worked with Sync3 2.2, but it definitely worked before 2.3 came out. You need to have Waze installed on your phone and the phone has to be connected to Sync3 with a USB cable. Then on the navigation button you can select either Google Maps or Waze.
  11. 335 hp, 380 lb-ft of torque, 8 speed automatic transmission. I don't think I'm in the market for a new Edge quite yet, but it looks interesting. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-shows/detroit-auto-show/a14783801/2019-ford-edge-st-specs-info-pictures/
  12. Quila

    Waze problem w/radio

    This doesn't happen for me. I use Waze through Android Auto and just select Waze from the map icon. I have to admit that I would use it a lot more often if it would stay running until I got to my destination, but it doesn't turn the radio on. I think Android Auto is still pretty buggy.
  13. Quila

    2016 Titanium 19" Tire cables

    I've been driving in mountains through some pretty extreme winter conditions for a little over 30 years and have never put chains or cables on my tires. Good winter tires and careful driving is all you really need. Avoid any sudden maneuvers and go easy on the gas and brakes. AWD or 4x4 is nice to have, but don't assume it makes you invincible. I always see lots of SUVs off the road.
  14. Quila

    Lug Nut torque 2016

    The owner's manual says "162 lb. ft (220 Nm)", so I don't think they mixed the units up. I did a bit of Googling on this last night and it looks like 150 lb. ft and higher is not all that uncommon these days, especially for wheels with larger lug nuts.
  15. Quila

    Lug Nut torque 2016

    162 lb ft seems high, but that's what Ford has printed in the Edge owner's manuals since at least 2016. I originally thought it was a misprint, but it's still in the 2018 Ford Edge manual. Every other vehicle I have owned has always been 100 lb ft. I'd kind of like to know why they went so high as well.