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  1. benk016

    Some pics of my ST

    I really like the ST in this color. I actually was going back and forth between the Magnetic, and white platinum from 2 different dealerships. Both cars were optioned exactly the same, but in the end I got the better deal on the White one.
  2. benk016

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    Its definitely not the fuel pump. Mine does it if I open any door, or even just unlock the vehicle and not open a door. It is definitely something physically moving, like a gear engaging or solenoid engaging. I figured from the start it had to do with the AWD system that disconnects the rear drive train.
  3. benk016

    Gas Pump problems - keeps shutting off

    Mine does this at one gas station every time. I have to hold the nozzle up so its just just hanging in the spout like you normally would. Basically it points the nozzle in the spout down more and that keeps it from shutting off. At this gas station it will kick off every few seconds even at a slow fill.
  4. benk016

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    So I finally had the alignment done on my ST since it came from the factory with an off-center steering wheel. Before the alignment the car always hugged the left lane. The steering wheel also was slightly turned left when going straight. Now that the steering wheel, is *almost* centered, the car now seems to want to pull closer to the right lane. I have noticed if I let it go, and it gets close to the right lane, it will center it back and then stay pretty centered. But if I keep my hands on the wheel it will constantly be pulling the wheel to the right.
  5. Ugh. wow. This is the kind of horrible customer service that gives dealers a bad name. Yes the headlights turn on. But there is a whole set of features that isn't working. They need to actually run your VIN and check for the recalls.
  6. benk016

    Mileage when taking delivery

    My ST had 3 miles on it when I purchased it. It sat on the lot for 2 or 3 months before I purchased it.
  7. benk016

    Edge ST features & improvements over Edge Sport

    This is my biggest gripe with my ST. I absolutely hate that horn.
  8. benk016

    No source button

    You can change the input with the 4 way arrows on the right side of the steering wheel. Its not as easy as pushing one button until you get to the source you want, but is doable. When your right cluster screen is showing the current channel or song, press right, and it will give you a list of sources.
  9. benk016

    Edge ST MPG

    I've tracked my mileage in Fuelly since purchase at 3 miles. So far my best tank was 20.05mpg. Lowest was 18.32mpg. I am currently at 2200 Miles. I have always ran Premium gas in it so far, Except for one tank I did 87 no ethanol which gave no change in MPG, but the car didn't seem as peppy on the throttle. Fuelly shows my average at 18.9 and the car shows 20.2. Normally I will reset trip A with each fillup, and its usually 1mpg higher average than what fuelly reports.
  10. It may be time to replace your battery. I have seen people on other ford forums say their cars do strange things such as random warnings and lights flashing when the voltage dips.
  11. benk016

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    I've had both on and like I said in my last post, going around a curve, lane centering keeps it so close to the left line, that lane keeping will kick in. Usually it will just vibrate, but at least twice I have felt it kick in and push the car away from that line. They definitely do work together. I think if they didn't work together, if you turned one on, the other would turn on off on its own.
  12. benk016

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    I just meant that when going straight down the road, my steering wheel is turned about a half inch to the left.
  13. benk016

    Adaptive Cruise Control W/Lane Centering

    I have noticed that if I go around a curve with lane centering on, it puts me very close to the left line, close enough that lane keep assist starts to vibrate the wheel. I like the lane centering, however, it does seem to want to fight me sometimes. Mine also feels like it prefers to stay very close to the left line. I also should note that my steering wheel isn't straight from the factory. When I brought this up with the dealership, they said I get one free alignment with the warranty, and that I should wait to see if it fixes itself, or gets worse. When they do that alignment, I'm going to see if they can also calibrate the lane centering, if that is an option.
  14. benk016


    The system is definitely there. It's just not functioning. I have video of my headlights moving during a module test. So they do move, Just aren't getting any signal from the car to move.
  15. benk016


    The auto-Leveling currently doesn't work. I think just having LED headlights will get people flashing you. I know a lot of people just say they hate anyone with those damn blue headlights