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  1. Agreed, solid upgrade in appearance. Well done
  2. Need help y’all. Does anyone know the torque values for the strut bolts?
  3. I drained my catch can for the first time yesterday at 1,000 miles. It was only about a quarter full. I Could probably get away with draining every 2,500 miles in this mild California climate. Got my G2 blue caliper paint in the mail today. Gona jack up the Edge this weekend and give a a few coats.
  4. Also, anyone know the fiction of these black plastic cut outs right below the fog lights? I just noticed these.
  5. Did my first vinyl wrap ever. Put mate silver in the grill inserts. Got the idea from nick. Its a decent job, could be better. After staring at it for 20 min, Not sure if I like them lol.
  6. Thanks onyx, You know if any DIY write up on this? Definitely want to avoid cracking the windshield. Maybe easier just to have a pro do it
  7. Hey xtra, did you see how they installed this on your car? Did they have to take out the windshield screen and/or anything else? I just got one of these and was going to try myself.
  8. my 2015 sport has 45k miles. I am very close to getting the LMS tune. My question is at this mileage is there any additional considerations/risks getting a tune compared to a car with 5k miles, other than the standard risks? ie wear tear and warranty void. Planning on making sure all maintenance is quality and up to snuff prior and during. I guess I’m wondering at what mileage does it become not worth it? Appreciate the feedback. I promise I’ll contribute useful info to the forum one of these days lol.
  9. Nick, i like how you did your grill inserts. I was thinking of wrapping the grill inserts just like you but different color. Do the grill inserts pop out from the grill or are there screws etc?
  10. Cree

    tuning at a certain mileage

    Thanks guys, one last question. Changing the tstat with the LMS. I am planning on changing it out at a shop, driving it home, then apply the tune. You see any problems with that or should I tune first then apply the 160 tstat
  11. Cree

    Strut tower brace

    Awesome! Thanks ?
  12. Cree

    Strut tower brace

    You have any more or know where I can find one for a 2015 Edge sport?
  13. Was thinking of doing the BG cleaning service. Is it worth it? Can anyone speak more on this? I’ve herd injection services can mess up the turbos.
  14. Lol I’m also 6’8, new at mods and have an edge.
  15. Cree

    DIY video for changing the thermostat?

    I am thinking weather or not to put in the lms recommended tstat over the stock one. From what I read it helps prolong life of engine parts while freeing up power on a tune. I would love it if I didn’t have to use the tstat and just keep the stock. Looks like a hassle. But I would also like to prolong the life of the car if it helps. Has anyone had problems after installing the aftermarket Tstat?
  16. Thinking about installing the lms tune/160 tstat combo. Reading through the thread, has anyone had any issues after instal? I live in the Bay Area and often go to Tahoe in the winter. My concerns are negitive effects on the ECU’s as xtra touched on and if it would be in my best interest to go back to stock tstat when I go to the mountains where it is much colder. My 2015 is otherwise stock except for an axel back exhaust.
  17. Cree

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Understood, I should have said, if Understood. I have read all pages. What I meant to say if if there was any build up and even a chance of compromised performance I would take issue with it if there was something I could do about it. But I hear you on the subjective nature of it all. Thanks for the advice.
  18. Cree

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I see what your doin there. Looking forward to what you come up with
  19. Cree

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Just ordered the Jlt. Now I just have to make a decision weather or not to clean valves etc before install. I have 45k miles on my 15 sport. Worth it? I would rather just slap it on and save the time/money. But then again, those pics of black crusted valves are flaring up my anxiety
  20. I just installed these paddles. They are very much worth it. I love how you can now shift from the top and bottom of the paddle. Makes a huge difference. Thanks xtra for showing me these.
  21. These guys only have 2 techs and are always too busy to give an honest effort. It’s always about vehicle turn over for them and will do whatever it takes to get your car out the fastest they can. Just my experience, maybe others are different. My pops has a 6.2 l truck and he’s been in 5 times these last two years with the same engine problem. When I was there for my 40k service they did nothing the 40k service recommended. Just an oil change and off you go..... anyone know of a good dealer in the Bay Area?? San Leandro is super close to my house but I’m done with these dudes.
  22. I bought my 2015 sport at Livermore ford. But I go to San Leandro. I am not happy with the service so I’m looking for a new dealer. Anyone know the best dealer in the bay?
  23. Cree

    Aftermarket Exhaust for 16 Sport

    I would highly recommend laying down some sound deadening material in the back cargo area if you are getting this exhaust. I just installed some and it makes a difference in cabin noise.
  24. Cree

    tuning at a certain mileage

    Probably not technically a canyon but I’ll take it to redwood road in Castro valley all the way up the ridge line to Oakland. Wide roads, twisty, smooth. Very fun, traffic is non existent on the weekends, except for cyclers. Nothing I hate more lol
  25. Cree

    tuning at a certain mileage

    I am probably in somewhere inbetween normal and severe. Normal driving during the week with some canyon fun time on the weekends. Thanks for the tips.