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  1. Why do you need new piston rings? You have to completely take apart the engine to replace them. Standard would indicate factory bore size. The other one indicated as .50mm O/S is oversized for when you have a catastrophic event and the cylinders need to be bored oversized to remove scratches or gouges.
  2. chipdog4

    Replacement for the 8" sub

    The 2015-2018 Sony subwoofers probably were, but everything I could find for the newer B&O subs in other Fords said they were 4 ohms. So I measured mine to make sure. And I went ahead and bought one of the MB Quart subs. Not sure when I'll get around to installing it.
  3. chipdog4

    Center Console replacement?

    Vinyl is probably going to be way cheaper Looks like there's several variations (probably because it comes with some of the buttons, like autopark) Almost impossible to verify without a picture. https://www.tascaparts.com/search?search_str=KT4Z-58044D90 $200-$400 KT4Z-58044D90-AA (silky black without autopark) KT4Z-58044D90-AB (twilight without autopark) KT4Z-58044D90-AD KT4Z-58044D90-AC KT4Z-58044D90-BA KT4Z-58044D90-CA (satin aluminum with autopark) KT4Z-58044D90-DA (satin aluminum without autopark)
  4. chipdog4

    Replacement for the 8" sub

    I'll be upgrading my 2019 Bang & Olufsen sub in the near future. Wanted to check out what was in there currently. It's a dual voice coil. Measure 4 ohms. The mounting depth is very shallow 3 1/2" This box looks to be easier to modify for a slightly deeper sub than the 15-18 Sony enclosure with the molded nub behind the sub. Here's a photo of the 15-18 Sony enclosure Here's the 19-22 B&O enclosure. (picture rotated on me) The reinforcement webbing could be sanded down for a deeper sub (probably get a 1/4" and a then quite a few more subwoofer choices.) Dual voice coil, 4 ohms each The subs above will work, in the 4 ohm version. Kicker 48CWRT84 https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20648CT84/Kicker-48CWRT84.html?tp=111 Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-8 https://www.crutchfield.com/p_575P3SD48/Rockford-Fosgate-P3SD4-8.html?tp=111 MB Quart DS1-204 https://www.amazon.com/MB-Quart-DS1-204-400-Watt-Subwoofer/dp/B010X424Q0/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2BGSS0ETWYEHI&keywords=DS1-204&qid=1658697712&sprefix=ds1-204%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-1&th=1
  5. chipdog4

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Nice find Haz! Crazy to see how much they cut out on the one with the tow package. I had to make a small cut for the wiring harness and that was it. The hitch does contact the cover and presses it down about a 1/4" right below the receiver tube. And someone asked about taking the bumper off to mount this, you should be able to get it in there with the bumper on. From the photos above, there's no mounts above the muffler either, just one on each side.
  6. chipdog4

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    That's interesting, I installed the Ford hitch on my 2019 and reinstalled the all the bumper cover shields underneath. They fit with the hitch in place, but the mounting tab for the trailer wiring harness sticks down and was interfering with the felt cover. I had to trim it to fit there, maybe a 2"x3" square. I'll try to remember to get some pictures tonight.
  7. There are 8 bolts for the crash bar, you reuse 4 of them on the hitch, and there are an additional 6 larger bolts (M12 possibly?) that do the bulk of securing the hitch to the body.
  8. You're welcome. It seems like a big job, but it's not bad. Mostly time consuming. The small bolts for the wheelwells and I think some under the bumper in the rear use a 5.5mm socket or 7/32". I would suggest wiring like Haz did. I plan on doing finishing the wiring (inside the rear hatch) like the factory with the tow module and and an additional harness. It costs quite a bit more. Some of that info is found in this thread.
  9. There's some helpful photos in this thread. After removing all the bolts from the bumper cover (underneath and in the wheelwells), I started by pulling the cover out at the wheelwells and going up towards the taillights. Under the taillights, you have to pry all the hooks on the bumper off the body. (The taillights pull straight out the back once the bolt is removed.) I would get a second person to help you take off and put back on the bumper cover. I wound up swinging mine into the ground and leaving a small scratch in it. I cut out the bumper cover with a jigsaw. An oscillating multitool may be better... Sand the cut edge smooth. Remove the foot sensors first! I installed the split sensor made for the hitch. Taking my time with cutting out the notch, I spent about 10 hours start to finish. Unbolt the crash bar. Slide in the hitch Tighten the 5 bolts on each side Here's where I installed the harness
  10. chipdog4

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    I was feeling a slight surge/buck over the winter and then in February, it was full on, surging in every gear, any temp, all the time. Made me really hate the Edge. Got it into the dealer in April for the TSB and they weren't satisfied with it after the TSB reset. I believe the service writer said they then replaced the valve body. Surging is completely gone, drives like it should now.
  11. chipdog4

    My theory on why lug nuts fail

    I guess it depends on the F150 wheels, but I thought most F150s used the large seat like the Edge lugnuts on the left. I picked up some Gorilla 61148CX to use when my factory Edge lugnut's caps start rusting and falling off. They are little taller and stick out past the wheel a bit more. http://www.gorilla-auto.com/lug-nuts-page-09 24 pack https://www.ebay.com/itm/334151861559?epid=1433548720&hash=item4dcd00c537:g:5zIAAOSwe31hRNk6 20 pack https://www.ebay.com/itm/181391077645?epid=622863125&hash=item2a3bc0310d:g:rJ0AAOSw77RiYbgl
  12. Because I didn’t want a hole in the roof to eventually leak. I noticed the passenger side roof rack was sitting a little high when I bought my Edge. Twice now after a very hard rain, I’ve had water on my passenger floormat, so when I washed it this evening, I took the hose and started spraying around the windshield looking for water inside. It wasn’t until I sprayed the passenger roof bar that I got water inside. So I’m guessing I need to partially drop the headliner to get to the fasteners that hold the bar on? Anyone messed with these before? As usual, there’s not going to be a gasket sold separately... https://www.fairwayfordparts.net/v-2019-ford-edge--titanium--2-0l-l4-gas/body--luggage-carrier
  13. Oh, also got my new summer wheels and tires installed a week or two ago. The wheels are the 20" optional wheels (takeoffs from FB marketplace) and Nitto 421 tires.
  14. I purchased a new bar and it arrived yesterday, so I installed it. And it looked the same when I snugged up the bolts. 😑 So I started looking at the the "roof rack retainers" (spacer that inserts into the roof) and noticed they were different heights. I started filing on one to make it shorter to pull the bar closer to the roof and noticed it was actually growing. Doh! Discovered the spacers are adjustable. I then adjusted them all to the minimum height they collapse to and reinstalled the new bar. It's touching the roof in some places now, so it better be sealed up good. I wish they were contoured better to match the roof. I'd be interested to know how the set the height on those at the factory. They probably don't and just grab them from a container and slap them in... https://www.fairwayfordparts.net/oem-parts/ford-roof-rack-retainer-em2z58513a06c?c=Zz1ib2R5JnM9bHVnZ2FnZS1jYXJyaWVyJmw9NyZuPUFzc2VtYmxpZXMgUGFnZSZhPWZvcmQmbz1lZGdlJnk9MjAxOSZ0PXRpdGFuaXVtJmU9Mi0wbC1sNC1nYXM%3D Very dirty under the old bar. And what it started out looking like.
  15. I had some time after work and with some huge help from Haz, I didn’t tear anything up too bad 😂 I disassembled the b pillar and some of the a, and took out the grabbars. I was able to get my hand and a small ratchet passed the airbags. The bolts were tight, I gave them a bit more but it didn’t cinch it down any tighter. They take a 10mm socket and each bolt has a large rubber gasket under the bar. I think the roof bar was two pieces and hollow in the middle, water may be getting inside the hollow cavity and traveling down the alignment dowels net to the bolt holes. (there’s a good picture of the bottom in this eBay ad) Ebay ad Looks like I’ll be buying a pair of new bars cause if I have to drop the headliner, I’ll do em both. I’ll talk to the dealer but I doubt they be able to help. There was water spots and some dirt on the inside of the a pillar plastic, it’s traveling right on down the curtain airbags
  16. That's first on my list, seeing if the bolts are loose. I can't really push down and compress the seal, so if feels like something may be keeping it from seating correctly. It's a 2019, but I have almost 53,000 miles on it, so no bumper to bumper left. Holy moly! Thanks man. This is a huge help.
  17. Is there any way in Forscan to keep a gear locked out in normal driving mode? I'm used to older Fords with the Overdrive lockout button and newer Fords that allow you to downshift and keep higher gears locked out. It's infuriating to use the paddle shifter to downshift and then 10 seconds later, it's back to lugging in the gear I just shifted from. I know there's sport mode, but with the 8 speeds, it's only in the lower gears for a second or two and I have to shift too quickly. I have a 2019 Edge Titanium with 2.0L AWD
  18. I wound up taking a vacation through the mountains a few months ago and discovered that it will hold a lower gear in normal driving mode (D) if you don't hit the accelerator. So you can downshift to engine brake but once you tap the accelerator, it will resume normal shift patterns. (Side note: the 4 cylinder isn't great at engine braking😂)
  19. chipdog4

    Ford Edge Titanium back up lights options

    Turn off your lights when backing up, it changes the screen brightness to make things much more visible.
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    There's an oval shaped recess with holes