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  1. I've only had my Edge since the spring so I cant speak for any winter driving yet, The navigation gets me to where I have to go I just need to give myself a few extra minutes putting in my destination. Not really any worse than my old Garmin. No complaints about the stereo or bluetooth. Climate controls I'm also better off setting up before hand since the steering wheel controls are lacking there. Main gripe if you can call it that is the colors on the right hand display screen, If I choose the sound system it's distracting to see the color red coming from the dashboard when I'm eyeballing the road.
  2. My previous 3 vehicles where an Explorer and Mountaineers going back a good 20 years. I really was not impressed with the latest explorer generation, It felt too boxy for me. The dealer had a '13 Sport on the lot with low miles and it fit the budjet even with the maintenance plan. The passenger cabin has enough room for my lanky self and there is actually more back seat room for the passengers. Plus there is enough bells and whistles to keep me occupied. So far I am happy with it.
  3. I know this panel is not the same as our '13 but this worked for me a couple of months ago after a couple of tries. https://www.gadgetjq.net/edge/tips/quick_tips.html#ac_reset
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    Went Blue Oval Yesterday

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    Got my gold wings as a 1st Mech on C-130's in Okinawa in the 80's Semper Fi
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    New sport owner

    She's low key.
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    U.S. up in New England, I'll try to get some pics.
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    @enigma-2 Noticed the CAC wings on your profile, What platform did you fly? Former KC-130 Flt. Mech here.
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    New sport owner

    Former long time Explorer/Mountaineer owner, Bought a 2013 Sport through a dealer and I'm happy with it so far.