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07 Edge (rust on body)

Matthew Ottman

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I have been having the same issue going on that I only realized it about two months ago, which is 3 months outside my warranty! Ford will do nothing for me even though the roof is completely ripped up all over from the paint peeling upwards and now rusting, the side pannels, and hood are now beginning to do the same! Ford is horrible with this!!! If anyone has figured anything out please let me know!

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2007 cream color Edge with pin hole sized rust appearing on both doors. Is there anything that can to done to prevent this from causing further damage? From what I am reading it looks like Ford is not interested in helping, is that true?


No, Ford won't help. It's an 11 year old used car, why would they?


You can treat it with a rust converter, then spray it with rust inhibitors. You could also replace the door with one from a junkyard (although I think you won't find a nice one in that color- no way), or if you want to do it right, cut out the rust and weld in new and re-paint. I gotta think only the spray can treatments are worth it at this point in it's life.


Now, 10 years ago, it'd have been nice if someone dumped a can of Amsoil HDMP or some Boeshield down in the doors, but it's too late for that now.

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