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Bit the bullet on a '13 Edge Limited AWD!


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Wife and I had been looking at either the Edge or MKX for the past month or two and decided to pick up a tuxedo black w/ black leather interior this weekend. Finalizing the paperwork Monday.

So far the car has driven out great! Going to get underneath tomorrow and make sure we're all good and go from there!

Hoping to do a few aesthetic mods but for a majority this will be left stock as it's the wife's DD and my car is more of the toy...

In any case, wanted to say hello and that I will be lurking around and learning a bit!

Here's how she sits now!






Hoping to do a few things right away. Likely some tint and I may attempt to source a sport front grill or just paint the OE. I'm also open to suggestions. It looks like there are some MFS hacks that might be beneficial as well...

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Something about contrast on the wheels, it looks good, dark car=bright wheels. Having the Orange Crush, I like the Dark Graphite look on them.


That's a good looking Edge, for sure. As far as looking back to the 80s and 90s,todays cars just flat blow 'em away. Remember driving a stock Mustang GT in'89,and the '08 Edge I have now is just more fun to drive in comparison.

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Sweet looking ride. I like the charcoal/black interior. I also just picked up a '13 SEL Tux Black Metallic and am loving it so far. I thought I was getting "upgraded" 20" chrome wheels and was a little disappointed to discover that they were chrome-clad wheels (you don't really know they're plastic covers unless you're right on top of them). Also, in hindsight I wish I held firm for one with Nav, but in the end I couldn't pass up this deal; just off lease with 11K miles on it and I saved a pile of cash. I'll learn to live with the wheels for now. They look good right now but not sure how they'll hold up in the long run. Looking for an aftermarket NAV that can integrate with the Sync/MFT, but will probably learn to live with a Garmin suctioned to the windshield when I need one. Good luck with the ride. Let me know what accessories you find and what you end up doing to it.

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