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Adjust downshift point?


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Is there a way to program or change how much throttle is required to make the transmission downshift?


I finally figured out why I don't like driving my Edge. I have to press down way to much on the accelerator in order to make the tranny downshift. Which also may be the cause of my poor fuel economy. Feels like I am pulling a trailer.


It seems like it's always one gear to high. Sluggish because there's no power in the current gear.


By the time the vehicle downshifts, it's nearly 3/4 throttle which then causes such a jolt when it finally does downshift.


I drive a F-150 club cab 4x4 as a service vehicle during the day and it drives like a dream compared to the edge. Great throttle response and shifting when expected.


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Unless there is a TSB out to address a mechanical or outdated PCM type cause of this issue, your best bet is to work with a tuner to get the shifting just the way you want it. If you are willing to work remotely and datalog, you can talk to Torrie @ Unleashing Tuning in FL. He has tuned a wide variety of vehicles remotely & on location. EMail is the best way to reach him quickly.

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