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Galaxy S5 to MFT and a funny discovery.


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I recently had my Motorola Razr MAXX replaced with a Galaxy S5. I didn't notice it right away and now its bugging me. The little medical alert icon for the BT attached phone is no longer present. This is the 911 interlink between the car and 911 should you be involved in a catastrophic vehicular calamity. It's suppose to call 911 on your behalf is my understanding.


The question is did I miss a permissions grant at pairing (I've deleted both sides and repaired and didn't see one) or is the S5 not "that" compatible with MFT?


Does anyone here have a Galaxy S5 and have the little medical icon when your phone is paired ?



Funny discovery.

I'm driving to work this morning .. and had just tried to call a co-worker (speed dial icon) When that was fruitless I placed the phone on my dashboard right above the MFT screen face up. Just to the left of the rear view mirror I have a hardwired, window mounted Escort ix9500. I'd set the phone on the dash about 1 mile from a toll plaza (LE hangout) that I was approaching and all of a sudden I got lit up with laser big time. Solid lock by someone, somewhere. I was only 5-7mph over but backed it down a bit and slowly drifted into the center lane to allow others to become the "high speed target". For those who are not accustomed to being targeted by laser, It's pretty much a instant thing. More of a ticket coming your way than a "slow the f*** down" warning. So when the laser alert was still hot ~45 seconds later .. then 60 seconds later ... I became suspicious. For some reason I grabbed the S5 and tossed it on the seat next to me and .... the laser alert died off.

So here is what and why. The S5 like most "smart phones" has the ability to know when its being held to your face during a phone call so it can dim the screen. They can also scroll a window with the wave of your hand over the screen w/o actually touching the screen. It can do this because it uses a tiny laser proximity/range finder device on its face. This was setting off the detector's laser alert and once I discovered it .. I could trigger it at will and quiet just as easy.


This explains why I've been hit with laser from time to time real strong and NEVER could find the source.

It was me !

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okay, and I remember a long time ago with the Razr MAXX that when I'd paired it.. I was asked. So I RTFM'd and found where you're suppose to re-enable it. Nothing there. I looked around in the "logical" menu selections, nothing. Then while staring at the main Help screen my eyes focused (not ford focus'd) at the "if you have any technical issues call 877-945-3648" and while I'm not interested in talking to Patel or trying to, I figured Hey, what the heck, lets see how good of an experience this is. Called, was asked one question by the ARU about which version I had, got connected to a single RING and much to my surprise an english speaking, American accented person answered the phone! He was not at all surly and after asking me the logical "are you in your car and parked?" questions, directed me to the spot I had been and said one of those options there will be for the 911. And after listing off all the available options which didn't include the 911 option, he said, ok I see what the issue is, it would appear that the dealership that serviced your car didn't load the extra software for that option. :headscratch::doh::rant2::banghead:


I then asked, "what other ancillary software should be loaded like this?" He said, "Turn by Turn, Vehicle Health Reports, & 911 none of which I'm seeing here" !!!


To quote Gary Oldman aka "Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg" DISAPPOINTED !!


So my recent 14 day APIM replacement ordeal, they forgot (missed) loading the "additional" software. Now I have the privilege to visit "that dealership" again and insist that they load the additional software they neglected to on my first, 14 day visit while I wait !!! grrrrr.


Wonder if I should bill my time at my normal rates.

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Where did I say that ? I don't actually remember which came first .. but what I do remember is that the Razr MAXX had it [the 911 link] and now with this combo I don't. Which is why I didn't initially assumed that it was related to the APIM replacement. My subconscious IT brain figured that the other guy did his job.


Had I known that there were "additional add on, loaded separately" applications .. I would have made that connection myself the minute I noticed it wasn't there as an option to enable (nor had I been asked at pairing) and called the dealership under Rule #7 of IT - NEVER trust the other tech, verify and test for yourself.

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Tonight was the night to stop by the dealership on the way home. And the service writer (everyone else had left) did figure out how to load the software into my system. So 911, vehicle health report, ambient lighting and global navigation, were the missing apps that all got reloaded. Didn't lose anything as far as wall papers, station memories. Not even my cell bt pairing. I did have to resync the time. no biggie tho.


I wished I wouldn't have had to spend 2 hours almost sitting it the waiting area and them to have done this or checked it the first time out.

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