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I got rid of my Edge =(....


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I actually liked the looks of your Edge a lot more but I'm sure the Benz is a much nicer vehicle by a long shot. Kinda curious what kind of MPG ya get in the new ride.


I look at it as two completely different things; because really they are. The Edge had a lot more of a mean, vicious look to it as the Mercedes has a much smooth, classier look. The reason I switched was because my extended warranty was coming up, tires were on their way out... Figured if I was going to make a change the time was now.


The MPG difference is amazing. With the Benz I get 24 city/32 hwy. It has an i4 2.0 Liter engine but it also has an intercooled Turbo on their handcrafted engine which gives insanely surprising power.


With the Edge I filled up once a week, a full tank on the Benz lasts me easily 2 weeks (if I keep it in Eco mode and don't mess around in sport or manual mode)

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"engine which gives insanely surprising power." is actually what I said.


And as much as I love Ford (and still own a Cobra), there is a big difference between a Ford engine and hardcrafted Mercedes engine. I've owned my Edge Sport for 3 years and my Mercedes for 4 months now and my Mercedes is noticeably faster than my Edge in Sport mode, let alone manual mode. My friend actually has a 2013 Edge Sport and for fun I asked him to do a run with me and in a length of 4 blocks, I beat him to the end by at least a full car length.

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