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Just noticed today Heating steering wheel in Sport picture.

Jeff Maynard

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I was on Ford Edge official website and looking at the 23 interior pictures they posted of Ford Edge. I just noticed that picture #4 says. " Sport interior in Ebony with optional heated steering wheel ".


So maybe there is going to be heating steering wheel in Sport trim after all ?


somebody else please go look and see if they see the same thing I just noticed.

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Website still says heated wheel is only optional on Titaniums and not available on SELs or Sports. I think the photo is wrong unfortunately.

Even in the Ford Edge Sport video they shows heated Steering wheel. I think they should be able to get heating steering wheel in a sport trim modle somehow. There showing it and naming it on there pictures on official ford website , plus videos showing it too.


Maybe in Job 2 or the 2016 modle with Sync 3 and 21 inch black wheels.

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My guess is it was originally planned but later deleted for whatever reason. Might come back later.

That's my guess too. Same thing happened when my car was introduced. They advertised a feature, then when it came close to production, they deleted it and then added it back the next model year. But then again, this situation is slightly different because the heated steering wheel is offered in the Titanium trim.

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