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How Much Does A 2015 Edge Weigh?

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I'm looking at a 2015 F-150, as well as an Edge, and came across this gas mileage website.




What I noticed is that a 2015 F-150 Supercab 2WD with the 2.7 Turbo had a EPA rating of 19/26 mpg with a combined of 22 mpg.


Then I saw that the 2015 Edge, with the 2.7 Turbo and FWD, had a rating of 18/27 mpg, with a 21 mpg combined.


Makes me wonder what the new Edge weighs compared to the new F-150. Anyone know?

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EPA tests are run by weight class and since the 2.7 Edge is the "high end" model it means the weight of all the extra options has to be counted. On the F150 the 2.7 is the base model, so it won't have all those options. Then the weight classes are set up in 250lb increments, so an Edge that weighs 4001 lbs is tested at the same weight as an F150 that weighs 4249 lbs.

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Also, the MPG rating is probably being hurt by the gear ratios on the Edge Sport. My guess is that the gears are a little closer together in the Edge Sport to enhance the sporty feel, but this means that on average you'll be running higher RPMs for city driving than you would on a base model F150 with what I'm guessing is a lower gear ratio.


The stated final drive ratio for the 2015 Ford F150 with 2.7L ecoboost is: 2.45:1

The stated final drive ratio for the 2015 Ford Edge Sport is: 2.77


All in all this means that the engine is on average turning more times per wheel turn. The Ford F150's standard Tire circumference is ~95 (diameter 30.5) inches. The Edge Sport's circumference is ~93 inches (diameter=29.6) The tires are a tiny bit smaller on the Edge, but that doesn't account for the 12% difference in drive ratios. So the closer gears probably are affecting the mileage on the Sport.


My guess as to the reasoning for the better highway MPG for the Edge probably comes down to engine load due to air resistance. I am assuming the pickup truck has a lot more drag than the Edge which only becomes a real issue at high speeds (eg highway driving). So even with the closer gear ratios, the Edge gets better mileage on the highway than the F150.


How's that for a long winded answer?

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