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2013 Ford Edge SEL does not have sport mode


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I bought a lightly used 2013 Edge SEL last week and was surprised yesterday to find out it does not have sport mode. There is an S on the shift pattern but when I move the shifter to that position (without touching the +/- buttons) the transmission goes into manual mode. and a 1 appears on the left display panel.


By reading the Ford brochure it was my understanding that all 2013 Edge models came with sport mode. Am I incorrect? All the other 2013 Edge models I test drove did have sport mode so I did not even think to check it on this one. The vehicle was built in late 2012 and I did read another thread on this forum where the vehicle had the wrong ECU and after replacing it sport mode was functional.


I went back to the Ford dealer yesterday and explained the situation to the to the sales person and actually had to explain how sport mode was suppose to work. I don't think he believed me until I had him test drive a 2013 model that did auto shift in sport mode.


Does anyone know if the 2012 and 2013 models have the same transmission and simply a different ECU to enable sport mode?

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I have a 2013 SEL as well, and mine goes automatically into sport mode when put it into S. It is not until I request different gears on the +/- that it moves into manual mode. Definitely get it checked out, because it shouldn't go straight into manual mode as a default when stationary.

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Had a PT Cruiser that had sports shift. But it only shifted when you pushed the button. I assumed that my 2013 SE worked the same. Since I had never tried the sports mode in my Edge. This article got me to thinking. So I tried it out. I when I start out I put it in "S" it shifts just like "D". But it it's in "S" and I hit the + or - button it stays in that gear until I hit the button again. Looks to me that mine is working as it's supposed to.



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