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Need a exploded diagram of a vista panoramic to order parts

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Would you mind posting a picture of the broken part, if you still have it? I've found something that looks like part of some sort of plastic rail assembly on the floor of the car one day. Everything seems to work fine on the sunroof, glove compartment, etc. -- all the places where I guessed that part might have fallen off of. I am still not certain that the part came from someplace other than the car itself.

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My vista roof track has a black plastic shoe on it that broke in two.  The widow came off of the track but I was able to readjust enough to close the window (never to be attempted to open again lol).  I want my window back.  In sunny AZ we kinda need it.  1/ But, I can not find the part number. 2/ does the entire roof liner have to be removed to get to the part?  

In the thread above WWwPerfA_ZN0W posted a link to a part and the link didn't work.  How can I find some help and some local help?

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are you looking for this



not sure the part is sold separately by Ford if it is what i am thinking of.  there is one person who has made these on custom order, but a minimum order # has to be met for him to even be interested.


you may want to look into a 3d printing service.

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23 hours ago, litlbiddy said:

that's it.   I hate this....  now to find someone to do it....  I believe this is the part he used?  I would hate to pull it all apart and realize it is the wrong part



Above Link no longer available.







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