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Speedometer off by 60mph after jump start

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Hi I'm theEncode, I'm new here. I usually find a good forum and join when I get a new car so I can learn about the car and it's upkeep and quirks. I didn't do that this time, and now I'm regretting it. The car has been great, it's still under warranty, but I haven't needed to fix much... until today.


Leaving for Phoenix AZ from Austin TX today. Alright everyone in the car, car won't start, just clicks.


I jump the car, it took longer than I expected. Car starts, get on the road. Not even out of the neighborhood when I look at the speedo. I'm going "90" on my residential street. I stop at a stop sign and it goes down to 60. I can't get it to go back under 60.


Problem is we HAVE to leave. It's already a 14hr drive and I have to do it in 1 day. Don't have time to sit and figure this out. Everything else seems fine.


My googlefu is failing, I called my dealership and talked to the service guy. His response, "well man, that's new to me!"


So here I am driving 135 on the highway trying to make it to AZ in my 2011 Edge.


Any thoughts or suggestions. I would rather not have to leave it at a dealership for any extended time since I'll be out of state.


Thanks in advance.

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