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2015 Edge Sport, 2.7L, fiberglass dust on back window

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Since driving it I get the back window covered in little fiberglass strands all over the back of the vehicle. I've seen a couple 2015 Edge

in parking lots other then typical dirty no shinny fiberglass strands. 2000 miles in the past month.


Thinking maybe the exhaust packing is blowing out??


When looking for it, it sparkles in sunlight and with a flashlight.


anyone else ?

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just dropping the Edge off at Ford the the Cooling seat issue and them to see where the fibers are coming from.


( the little stands are hair like, 1/2" to 1/4" and sparkle in sunlight while looking though back window while driving

or sunlight/ flashlight at angle) I've had windows spotless and go for drive, within 15 mins on driving I can see the window

sparkle, and some dirt from the road. I thought it was someplace I parked, Nope. Thought it was somewhere I drive, Nope.


for a while I had the sunroof in vent mode thought that was pulling stuff out of headliner. I also see the fibers on the exhaust tips.


Hopefully the TSB Cooling seats is fixed and I'll shoot a quick pix tomorrow.


I asked FORD at the SEMA show. That was a waist of time. Amazed they had 100 ford Employees at the shot and no one

could answer my question about the Edge.

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Dealer ordered new rear valance. Owned the Edge for 31 day and just under 2000 miles.

I did not want to drive the next 5 year with this stuff keep falling out.


Hopefully its just a couple units shedding fibers.


(posted in the cooling seat thread, The TSB did not work to cool the upper back. if anything is more heat and louder motors .)

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So the flow behind the roof goes up? Don't think so.

There's a lower pressure pocket behind the moving object, so both upper and lower turbulent streams curl toward the license plate.


But my thought wasn't about an aerodynamics, just tailgate spoiler looks too massive, who knows what's hidden inside it! :)

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Thanks for the picture. Can you get a shot of the fiberglass on the exhaust tips and tailgate (if at all possible).

I will keep an eye on mine.


in the afternoon sun is almost seems like the tempered glass is shattered

I know the window get dirty but the little fibers sparkle in daylight or nighttime headlights



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Just a suggestion, but would cleaning the back window with an anti-static glass spray maybe keep the dust from sticking?


Like computer screen spray or this stuff?



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