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Backup Camera at Night....Help Requested

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I have a backup camera in my '15 Sport and my '11 Mustang.


When comparing the two at night, the Mustang is very clear and does well with adjusting to the dark. The Edge though doesn't do as good at night. Isn't as clear.


My theory right now is when the Edge is in reverse, part of the bumper/rear is caught in the frame. You can see it at the bottom. With my Edge being white, light is reflecting off of that piece and tricking the camera in to thinking it is lighter out than it is. Not allowing it to adjust to the true darkness.


With the Mustang, the camera doesn't show any part of the vehicle.


I'll post pics later for reference.


I was just curious how a darker Edge's camera may work in the dark.

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I currently have a 2015 Magnetic Edge and previously had a 2013 Performance White Mustang. If my memory serves correctly, the OP's observation regarding the clarity of the Mustang's night time rear view camera image is right on. Although the image from the Edge's rear view camera is not the equal of the Mustang's, it is not too bad, maybe as someone suggeted, due to the darker color.

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