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Financing Question - HELP

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Hi guys,

Big dilemma right now. Here's my situation:

  • Currently have a 2013 Edge Limited AWD 3.5L V6
  • Bought used at a dealer this year, with a solid carry over from my last vehicule.
  • Edge has 68 000 km (yep, I'm canadian !)
  • Currently on a 6 years financing at a ridiculous bank rate of 6.5%
  • Payment is 276$/2weeks

Talked to my dealer. He has a demo 2015 that he needs to sell:

  • 2015 SEL AWD 3.5L V6 with all the options I want.
  • Only has 3 000km
  • Would finance me over 7 years (I know it's long, but eh), at a much better rate of 2.99%
  • Would take my current car with all the balance
  • Payment would be 290$/2 weeks


Now what's better ?

276$/2 weeks, on a 6 year term at 6.5% (used 2013 with no warranty)


290$/2 weeks, on a 7 year term at 2.99% (new 2015 with warranty)

Somebody good in maths could help me on this one !? I work on the road and expect to do around 25 000km/year.

What should I do ? Do I make the move ? I've only had my 2013 for 6 months now !

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Here is your maths:


2013 Edge Limited:

If paid over the 6 years @276$/2weeks = $43,056


2015 Edge SEL:

Paid over 7 years @290$/2 weeks = $52,780


You'd be paying almost $10k more over an extra 1.5 years (assuming you have 5.5 years left on the 2013).


If this is a purely economical decision, obviously you should stick with the 2013.

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Yes, you'd pay $7,481.68 interest for the 2013 or $5,210.67 for the 2015 over the entire term.


While you're 'saving' on interest, you're going to be 'paying' more in depreciation for the 2015. If you can afford the $290 payment, you could increase your payment on the 2013 and have it paid off 4 months early and save $433.62 in Interest.

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Thanks guys ! Your answers are helping ! Still no decision made here...


I knew it would be more, but not that much...


Have to take in consideration that my 2013 has no warranty left. 2015 would be full covered for 3 years..


Would the repairs and possible mechanic problems justify the difference, I don't think so...


Any other advices here ?

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