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Cooling System Corrosion Recall

gloria's edge

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Fellow Edge Members,


Just got the following Field Service Action from Ford.....


You can call Ford at....1-866-436-7332 to see if you vehicle qualifies for this action.


Through my call with Ford and understanding, Ford will evaluate your cooling system to determine if you need a cooling flush at no charge to you.


  • Field Service Action Number: 09M04
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Did the dealer find anything?

Here is what I was told....unless your vehicle is experiencing any type of heat loss or lack of heat, this field action does not apply to you.


The obvious best way to know is by turning the heat on in your car. If you have perfectly good heat coming out (that's the case with me), then there is no need to bring the car in under this field action. I was a bit disappointed since I noticed the antifreeze/coolant in my vehicle is very dark and probably could use a flush/change. Hoping to have had this done under this field action but, I'll have to have it done on my "dime". :spend:


Best Regards,

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Best to call them up to make sure, but I think it should be compatible/just fine.


The only caveat being that usually they say the universal coolant won't change the color of the original antifreeze when used to top off. If you replace a quart or more (not sure exactly where that cutoff is), you will see the color change. That can be confusing for a service shop, if they don't know what happened.


One reason to do a flush is to get existing coolant out, but also remove gunk builtup in the cooling system. And yes, the coolant does leave deposits behind as it degrades over time. If your degas bottle is clean/clear, then likely the inside of the cooling system is also good.

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