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any experience with deadening rattle?

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just curious if anyone has been successful in stopping rattle in passenger rear quarter? my enclosure sits against the metal quarter..i used peal and seal on the back of the body panel and between the enclosure and the inside of the quarter panel...was successful in stopping the brake light rattle with a layer of peel and seal underneath the fixture. just wondering if i will really be able to stop the rattle with the enclosure touching the body. any advice or suggestions are welcome


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Yea I am finding the peel and seal to be worth not much more than a lesson learned. But I had to start somewhere.it helped some but I don't want any rattle from sub noise AT ALL! I hate nothing more than the sound of a car with a ton of low frequency that sounds like a tin can with rocks bouncing around in it.... You know...the typical BMW from the 80's with the 2 15's in the trunk . No mids or highs and all you hear is the rattle of the car falling apart!

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