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Goodbye MKX & Welcome Edge


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Well, after nearly 6 years of use & ~77k miles, I have sold my 2011 Kona Blue MKX. My car was hit in February & I decided to take the compensation & sell it off. it was not a bad deal. So Good by to my MKX.


And.. I got a good deal on a 2016 Edge Sport, new unsold stock. It has every thing, including the 21" wheels & vista roof which I would have rather not had, but that is the only configuration we got. Still getting used to it. It is also in Kona Blue, like my MKX.


Among the first things I found, being a Middle East spec with a supplement to the Owners Manual (yes I do read the Manual), is this:





Makes me think I would have been able to blame Ford for the broken Vista clips on the MKX as they now realize that the Vista roof requires periodical maintenance (cleaning) which was not specified before nor done when carrying out the maintenance as per their recommendations at their dealer!!.


Some photos of the MKX's accident:











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Oh man, what a terrible way to go for your MKX, it will be missed on this forum for sure! But as long as you are okay, and you like the Edge :) , I guess we can move forward.


Thanks for posting the PTU service recommendations! If you can post other recommendations from the manual, including oil weight, change frequency, etc. that would be a tremendous addition to our knowledgebase.


BTW what color is your Edge Sport?

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Any hits these days seem to turn into niggling issues that turn to neverending frustration. Vehicles are better built, yes, but it is all a system. I see this all the time with AWD Edge/MKX damaged in rear-end collisions. Body doesn't look bad at all, but then the AWD components start failing.


You made a wise move, IMHO.

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