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Hitch Receiver for Edge Sport models.

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When I purchased my 2017, I was trying to get the kick sensor to work. The sales man pointed out that the tow hitch is in the way and then he said I can have that removed for you....


I said thanks but no thanks. Haven't towed anything yet, but when I do its great that its already there!

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I added a hidden hitch to our MKX and have no problems with the kick sensor at all.


How are you trying to activate it? You need to kick straight ahead and up touching your shoelaces to the underside of the bumper. Don’t sweep it side to side.


It seems hit or miss, but you are correct the deeper my foot is and the higher up in terms of almost touching the body seems to activate it. 8/10 I just hit the button on the keyfob. But I do appreciate having the ability to use the kick if my hands are full.

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14 minutes ago, mr_jason said:

I added the oem hitch to my 16 sport.  It's not designed to fit but I cut the hole for the receiver in the bumper cover to make it work.  Also had to order the 'split' lift gate sensors from a titanium with the hitch to make foot liftgate work.  


Whenever you get a chance can you post the part number for the split liftgate sensor?

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I can't recall the part numbers, the dealer looked them up for me.  The lower mount was flat vs rounded so I had to fab up a flat mount to attach.  here's a few pictures

If you decide to do this or try to do this to your vehicle I'm not responsible for anything you mess up, break, destroy. You assume all responsibility. 

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