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brake rotor warped? 2017 Titanium, under 10K miles.

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2013 Edge SEL 3.5 engine. I had both front rotors warp, less than 10,000 miles. We took a trip from Northern Indiana through the Cumberland Mountains then over to the Smokey Mountains, took the scenic rides through both. Went on to Pensacola , Fl. then back home. Little more than 3,000 mile round trip. Had little over 7,000 total when had rotors turned.


The rides through the Mountains probably caused the warping, but I didn't think I rode the brakes that much. I used the manual shift mode going down to help with breaking but rotors still warped. Car has 47,000 on now and can feel very slight rotor warp again. Not bad enough to worry about. Must be cheap rotors or very hard brake pads. Brake pads still look to be about 3/4.


Also just changed trans fluid and antifreeze. Manual doesn't call for it but can't hurt. Shame you can't change trans filter. I changed trans fluid twice. Drained and filled, drove about 30 miles, drained and filled.




Northern, In.


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From what I understand, rotors don't warp from heat, but rather pad material that sticks to the rotor when applied for longer periods while extremely hot and stationary. The 'warp'is the pad passing over the smooth and rough areas of the rotor. I imagine these areas appear as high and low spots when spun.

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The sports have different rotors than the SE, SEL & Titanium. It has always been my understanding with Ford that they use a soft rotor with a hard pad. That may or may not be true, but i have always had to change the brakes on my Ford's out early due to warpage/vibration.

That being said, i changed the brakes out on our '16 SEL because of the gobs of grease like brake material. I did have a slight vibration that could be felt when braking, but wasn't terrible. Shortly after replacing the rotors/pads, the wife had to make some 70-5mph stops on the highway in Michigan. The new rotors preformed flawlessly & continue to do so till this day with the added benefits of much much less brake dust & better stopping power.

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I've always had good luck with Centric Rotors & Hawk Pads. The last Hawk Pads i went with my Mazda CX7 have a lot of brake dust, i believe that they're HP+'s. This time I went with Centric Rotors (12561118) & Powerstop pads (Z231818) for the Fronts & OEM Factory Rotors & Centric Posi-Quiet pads part #10516650 for the rears. Here's my thread on this:

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