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Well the ol' girl turned 200k miles the other day


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What's up everyone? Long time no see..... life has been kinda crazy lately (in a good way) and I haven't been on the forums in awhile. Hope everyone is doing well :)


Anyways..... my ever faithful '07 just rolled over 200,000 miles on easter sunday, doing what she's usually doing.... toting my bike around, haha (I was on my way to go ride for a little bit before going into work here). Last year I got into racing harescrambles and enduros, so that's where a chunk of these miles have come from is just driving around to all the different races..... pretty much every weekend. This has definitely been one hell of a reliable vehicle! Literally have not had one single problem other than the little speaker for the parking aid (the beeeepppppper, lol)...... $25 part and not even 5 minutes to put in, not gonna sweat that. Still runs and drives like brand new.... no squeaks or rattles of any kind, heat blows hot, A/C blows ice cold, silky smooth and trans shifts like brand new (I'd hope so, I change the fluid every other oil change! haha). Doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon..... hopefully she can keep it up for another 100k :2thumbs:


41268794081_3cd7a1a3a9_c.jpg0401181255_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


26397103097_ace6ccda92_c.jpg0401181300_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


Had to get a few beauty shots along the way too..... this was about 2 miles before. Still completely stock..... I just try and keep her clean and in good shape


27395692918_b3f02ebc1b_c.jpg0401181246_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


39459588500_748475d050_c.jpg0401181246a_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


41268789901_8e629ee565_c.jpg0401181247_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


26397095167_e6092a0771_c.jpg0401181248_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


26397096857_e876bbac3a_c.jpg0401181250_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr


I'll also add, that a good chunk of these miles have been spent towing a trailer...... and driving through fields like this for parking. That's my buddy Chris next to me with the brand new super duty..... not gonna lie I was kinda jealous.... super nice truck! And camper, lol


40028387575_796837e2ce_c.jpg0303180829_HDR by Jared Penttinen, on Flickr



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I am almost 40k behind you with my 2011. I have gotten spoiled with mine as well. I truly think the key is preventative maintenance. Case in point, I got all 4 rotors and pads replaced recently and am getting ready to replace all 4 wheel bearings. After that, shocks and struts will be replaced.

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