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2015 titanium remote start not working

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When trying to use the remote start on my 2015 Titanium with the key Fob, I don't get a green light. I get a solid red light. I have checked and the system is enabled. It used to work but now does not. Have tried both keyfobs. Doors are locked. Don't know where to look for the hood switch. all other functions on the fobs work as they are supposed to.

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Couple of thoughts. One is you may have accidentally disabled the remote start in the info display. OM pg 108.


2nd is possibly the hood switch has failed. Test by open hood, hold down switch and try remote start.


Do you get horn honks, lights?


On my mkx, the hood switch is a small (1") rubber nub, front of engine compartment, passenger side. It sticks up and hood presses on it when closing. Easy to find.

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