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Bug deflector for 2009 Edge


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Hi edgemaster, can you clarify exactly where this 2"gap is to occur? Do you mean you want a deflector to attach directly to the underside of the hood with screws and extend out 2" in front of the hood before turning up? (Like a cantilever)?


Or a complete 2" separation from the hood itself? If so, where would it mount?


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Not sure what a 'brush style' car wash is but I have never had any problems with any carwash I have ever run through. Various types, too. The only thing that concerns me when I run through a carwash with a bug protector on is the force of the fans that clear of the water at the end of the wash run. The deflector can lift and vibrate a little (sometimes a lot, actually) but so far the deflector has stayed in place and has not loosened up. I mounted mine with hard mounting screws to the underside of the hood. I did not/would not trust the 'adhesive only' installation.

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I just checked the underside of the hood and there doesn't seem to be enough metal to screw the deflector on. There are some elongated holes toward the center of the front edge of the hood but no holes at the left or right ends.

Of course, I don't have that deflector yet so I have no idea how this thing looks on the underside, if there's enough plastic to drill holes in the first place.

And I agree with you, I would not rely on an 'adhesive only' install.

Thanks for your input, chefduane. :)

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Just to report back, I installed the AVS Bugflector II, looks good.

I drilled some holes through the underside and screwed it on pretty good.

For good measure, I added 5 bumper stoppers that fitted exactly between the hood top and the deflector (about 20 mm high) to prevent any rattling at all.

I haven't been through a car wash yet.

Thanks again for all the input.


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