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I'm going to apologize right off the bat if I suck at searching and couldn't find another post that answers this..


Has anyone in Canada, who has a 2013 edge with DRLs as the headlights, successfully installed HIDs that do not flicker when DRLs are active?

Anyone in Canada with a 2013 edge install LED headlights (also function as DRLs during the day, full lights at night)?


I'm looking around at a few places but most are located in the US and shipping costs are about half the cost of the kits.

If I go through something like Amazon, they tend to be cheaper quality it seems.


Any recommendations, tips, etc.. ?


Thanks in advance!



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The DRL operates at a reduced voltage (or some alternating method) which doesn't work nicely with HID. AFAIK, you have 2 options, either install a Relay & get the HIDs to run from a different power source, or, change the DRLs to the turn signals then run HID normally.

Another option might be to disable stock DRL and install a set of drivebright LED signature lights that are bright enough to function as DRLs.

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The stock Led strip in the bumper is not bright enough to function as a DRL.


This is the kit I mentioned:



And this is a package with HID:



Every post I remember reading here regarding them have been positive.

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thanks everyone! this is amazing information.


I have an SEL V6 - so the LED strips on the bumper are only on when lights are on (which really makes no sense to me.. since they're so weak you can't see them while lights are on!)


Glad to know that we shouldn't (or I shouldn't) switch to LED bulbs and stick with HIDs.


I'll have to google / search for threads about switching DRLs to the LED strips once I swap those out first.

Alternatively, is it bad if I install a relay and let the DRLs be the headlights on full as long as the car is running ?
Like someone mentioned earlier, installing a relay and I believe running the power cable to the HIDs to the battery should work?


Trying to be somewhat cheap :(

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