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Replacing Ford radio

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I'd like to replace the original radio (the one with a 6 CD changer) in my 2009 Edge with a more modern screen unit.

I have searched the net and there are literally hundreds of units available.

The thing is, I don't need most of the stuff they offer.

I don't need nav, no sirius, no dvd, not even touch screen.

I just need a decent RDS fm and a single CD player and a not too small font on the screen is important, not those segment-type letters that my current radio displays.

Also, the steering wheel controls should work too.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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You're not going to find a double DIN head unit to fit the dash opening without it having a touch screen and probably DVD. No navigation is easy as that's a different price range. Most will come with satellite radio compatibility but not with the adapter needed to make it work so you wouldn't have it but could add it later if you wanted. There are some cheap and some inexpensive head units out there (not everything that is inexpensive is cheap) but at the really low end they generally aren't compatible with steering wheel controls. You'll probably have to spend somewhere in the range of about $200 to get good quality and steering wheel compatibility. Then you'll have to add installation items like wiring harness adapter, antenna adapter, mounting kit, and steering wheel control adapter for $50 - $100 more.


In that price range your best options will be Pioneer and Kenwood. They both have their advantages and disadvantages but based on your needs I would recommend a Pioneer. Their Super Tuner III really is the best FM tuner in the market. If you had been looking for navigation I would have recommended a Kenwood because they use Garmin for their GPS.

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