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Unleashed Tune


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I have Unleashed tune, the max boost for me occurs when the transmission shifts, roughly 21psi. That is because the RPMs lower while the turbo is still spinning high and creates a peak condition. My operating boost is around 18psi.


RE: Seeing just under 21 PSI max boost

​When do you see that occurring?

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For most accurate logging I use HP Tuner on a PC or nGauge. But there are a number of apps using a wireless OBDII dongle that will give you some logging info. The problem is they are very coarse in their data collection. SCT also make a nice monitoring device.

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Livernois always seems to accomplish great numbers with minimal boost increase. That may be part of the reason they have such a great reliability reputation.


On Ford Edge Sport Facebook page there is a some logging comparisons, it shows LMS boost higher than Unleashed. But boost is affected by so many things so it probably isn't statically relevant. Just thought I would mention it.

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