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09 Lincoln MKX Parking light Problems

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New owner of 2009 Lincoln MKX. Love the vehicle so far but it does have some quirks. I have asked this same question on another Lincoln Forum . . twice, but no replies. My understanding is that the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX are basically the same vehicle so I hope that someone here can shed some light on why it's doing this and what the fix is.


The problem is when the parking lights are turned on, there is about a 10 second delay (with no parking lights or dash lights coming on) and then the headlights come on with the dash lights. When the knob is turned to headlights, there is no difference, the same lights stay on. So, it's either headlights on or no lights on. There is no in-between, meaning no parking lights without the headlights being on. And what's up with the 10 second delay?


I have some other quirks to ask about but will try and get this figured out first.



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Possibly (taking a wild guess) a problem with the headlamp switch, may be shorted internally.  Hopefully the SJB (the brains behind the operation) is not damaged.


Principles of Operation

NOTE: The Smart Junction Box (SJB) is also known as the Generic Electronic Module (GEM).

The SJB monitors the headlamp switch position by sending voltage signals on multiple circuits to the headlamp switch. There is one circuit for each headlamp switch position. At any given time, one of the signal circuits is routed to ground.

If the SJB does not detect any of the inputs to the headlamp switch are active (routed to ground) for 5 seconds, the SJB turns on the exterior lights and keeps them on for 10 minutes after the ignition switch is turned off (or 10 minutes from the time the SJB does not detect any headlamp switch input if the ignition switch was already off). Additionally, if the SJB detects multiple circuits short to ground, the SJB implements a planned strategy depending on the multiple inputs received.

If either of these situations occur, the SJB cannot be ruled immediately as being at fault. This is normal behavior of the SJB design as it has detected a fault with the inputs from the headlamp switch.

When the SJB receives an input from the headlamp switch indicating a request for the parking lamps, the SJB energizes the parking lamp relay (integrated into the SJB ), which supplies voltage to the exterior lamps.

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wwwperfa, thanks for your input. Unfortunately, it sounds like I may have to have the dealer look at it.

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Hey Auggie, what did you finally find out the problem to be? Was it the Headlght Cotrol Module causing the delay?

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