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Tire Recommendations for 2011 Edge Limited (re-posted)

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Hi all,

I realize this is very subjective but I only need two tires as my Discoverer CTS are doing really well...


I bought my 2011 Edge LTD AWD with 62K miles on it and it had near new Cooper CTS tires. I've got 98K miles now and one of the front tires is wearing unevenly. It's likely due to a bad tie rod end. 

I liked the Coopers but they don't make them any more. The latest (I think) is the CS5 Ultra. All my other tires are looking great with the rears looking only slightly worn. They are getting very good tread wear. That said, I only want to buy two tires for now but concerned with mix and match performance - especially on an AWD vehicle. My gas mileage is averaging 21.2 mpg which is down from 23.4 when I bought it back in 2016.

I am in the NE US so wet/snow performance needs to be good (the CTS were fine). I hope to get the road noise lower too.


Has anyone been driving on Cooper tires? If so which ones? Any other recommendations are appreciated.


Thanks for any insights.


Moderator: This was mistakenly posted in brakes and suspension topic but I don't know how to remove it from there. My apologies.

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Absolutely hated the CS5s on my CX-9. Used them as summer only and found them very Loud (highway and low speed) very soft sidewall, unpredictable handling,, poor-avg wet traction, avg dry. They are a run of the mill touring tire. I’m in New England.

good luck but I definitely don’t recommend.

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