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Faint whine when driving, varies with rpm but not when in P or N

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Hi all,


So my extended warranty is up March 30 and I thought I’d get this checked but wanted to know what you all thought.  
My 62K 2014 awd has been fine (3 tpu changes, 1 coolant, 1 tranny, 1 rdu, and my own p steering and brake fluid reservoir drain and fill) however for the last 10k or so miles I have been hearing (only at low speed as tires mask it) an rpm dependent whine, fairly quiet.  I know it might be a pulley or bearing or trans but can’t tell.  It doesn’t seem to make the noise except when in D and moving.  When I rev it some in N or P I don’t hear it.

I know that all fluid levels are ok.

Any thoughts?

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