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Hello from a new user to the forum.  I read through 26 of the 51 topic pages and figured this is probably way off a normal topic for this forum, so I decided to just post. 


I picked up, what I think is an awesome 2013 Edge Limited, from an insurance salvage auction,  as a side project.  Everything has progressed well and I am really looking forward to finishing this build, except for the headlamp operation.  When I got the vehicle, it came to me without a bumper cover or any lights.  The vehicle took a hit in the driver side front corner. 


The issue I am experiencing is when I connect the battery, the headlamps come on, stay on, and won't go off.  What I found is they were being powered from F57 & F78 (Battery Junction Box).  I pulled Fuses F57 & F78 and the headlamps fail to light by cycling the headlamp switch.  I confirmed battery voltage on Pin 2, which I thought would light the headlamp, however the headlamp failed to light.  I replaced the Front Lighting Control Module to ensure I was , and found all other lights worked as expected. 


I would like to understand the operation of the HID Headlamp diagram.  If there is battery voltage through F57 & F78 at all times, what causes the headlamps to go out and back on?  Since I had to purchase HID Headlamp Assemblies (used), Ballasts (new-OSRAM 10R-034663), and Bulbs (new), I do not have any previous experience with this vehicle and not sure if my problem is within the headlamp assembly and maybe ballast wiring?


Any help would be much appreciated.  If additional information is needed, please let me know.


Thank you, Rich    

HID Headlamp Troubleshoot.png

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May be a problem with the Front Lighting Module, which controls light behavior (basically the headlamp switch panel), or even the stalk.


Normal Operation
The Front Lighting Control Module (FLM) sends a message over the High Speed Controller Area Network (HS-CAN) to the BCM to indicate the headlamp switch position. When the BCM receives input indicating a request to turn the headlamps on, the BCM provides voltage to the LH and RH low beams.

If the BCM receives a message from the FLM indicating a fault with the headlamp switch or the BCM loses communication with the FLM , the BCM defaults all the exterior lamps on.

On vehicles with High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, the ballasts are supplied volage at all times from the Battery Junction Box (BJB). When the ballasts receive a voltage signal from the BCM , the ballasts provide high voltage to the HID bulbs.

DTC B1D00:15 (Left Low Beam: Circuit Short To Battery or Open) — a DTC that sets when the BCM detects a short to voltage from the LH low beam output circuit.
DTC B1D01:15 (Right Low Beam: Circuit Short To Battery or Open) — a DTC that sets when the BCM detects a short to voltage from the RH low beam output circuit.
This pinpoint test is intended to diagnose the following:

Wiring, terminals or connectors
Headlamp switch (integrated into the FLM )
Headlamp assembly

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Hello and thanks for the replies.  


Due to my limited knowledge, I am not familiar with the name “smart junction box” for the 2013 Ford Edge.  No issues.  


I was looking on the outside of the headlamp assembly when my issue was on the inside.  There are two plugs for the ballast.  One goes to the lamp and the other powers the ballast.  The cable to power the ballast has three wires, two power (blue & brown) and a negative (black). One power is from the battery junction box and provides power at all time.  The other is the “remote enable” power wire and goes to the light switch.  The ballast label has “remote enable” on it.  There needs to be power on both power terminals to turn on the headlamp.  If there is a failure with the light switch (FLM), the headlamps are supposed to come on for safety of the driver.

Once I swapped the ballast power wires, all was good and the lights function as intended.  I bought these headlight assemblies from a used parts company since they are so expensive and are actual Edge assemblies.  I installed new lamps and ballasts.


Getting this done allows me to reinstall the headlamp assemblies and finally install the bumper cover for the first time.  

Thank you again for the comments.  







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