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34 minutes ago, pintokid said:


I've been checking this out but this seems to be a major update. This software can update Sync3 beyond what Ford provides, and even updates the maps for free. The video on their site shows the process to be pretty easy. So you did this? Any idea how this impacts future interaction with Ford? The car has an active recall so I know we'll be back in the dealer eventually.

 Yes I've used the Cyanlabs update twice, the first time was a significant update to the graphics etc. and the FREE maps, and the second time I didn't notice much of an update on either the system or maps.


Before I used it the first time I paid for a map update which pissssssed me off because my 2017 had old 2015 maps.


When Cyanlabs first came out with this they didn't have their app, and that's why I was weary to try it, but now its simple.


Anyway, Ford no longer offer Sync updates for a 2017 model.

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