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Edge vs Outlook/Acadia

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I did. I have always drove a GM product. The Acadia has a lot of that rocking side to side motion that mini vans have. I didn't care for the ride at all. It has a few more options available like the heads up display but all in all it was just a rework of the same thing they have been selling for years. I am a GM fan but the Acadia is not a new concept, just a smaller version of the suburban or yukon.

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We looked at the Acadia and I quite liked it.


Good looking truck but my wife didn't like it. She thought it felt too big and non sporty.


It really is not a comarable truck to the Edge. I think it is closer to the Explorer.


She has no brand alegiance at all and drives what fits her. She drives a Monte SS and EX today.


We looked at them all and she was just smitten with the Edge. It was exactly what she was looking for.

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My wife and I looked at the Acadia and both felt it didn't ride near as nice as the Lincoln MKX. Also, the road noise is much louder in the Acadia. We also looked at the Acura RDX/MDX and the Mazda CX-9 as well and ultimately went with the Lincoln MKX.


Our top 2 were the Acadia and MKX, we really liked the 3rd row but the ride in the MKX and the confort of the 2nd row bench won in the end. Plus I absolutely love the seat coolers! :wub:


We never did look at the Outlook but I read somewhere that it's very much like the Acadia, even on the same frame? Not sure about that though.

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Outlook is the exact same vehicle as the Acadia (minus a few luxury things that GMC puts in).


The two are very similar, but share few if any exterior or interior panels.


As others have said, these are much larger vehicles than the Edge and MKX. The key question is whether you need a third row, and which styling most appeals to you.

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I bought an '07 Acadia in November 2007. - Kept it one month.

12/15/07 I traded it in on a '08 Edge Limited.

The acadia was nice but just too big. Classified as a 8 passenger vehicle vs. the 5 passenger status of the Edge. (Just how small would that fith person have to be?)

The Acadia has a 3.6 liter engine vs. the 3.5 in the Edge but the Edge weighs much less.

Some friends don't think that the Edge is that much smaller than the Acadia but I know it is.

With the Acaia, it almost felt like I was driving a small school bus.

I love the Edge, this one's a keeper.

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Yeah, all of them.


The Acadia is too much $$ for what you get. It drove like a grandmother's CUV, a little too quiet and floaty.


If I could have found an Outlook appointed the way I wanted it -- and if GM had been ready to match Ford's 3.9% financing, I'd have bought it. I liked it very much (excepting the turning radius) and really wanted the 3rd row.


If my DH were ready to turn in his Maxima, I'd nudge him that direction.

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We looked at both the Enclave and the Acadia before we got our Edge. We like them both, however my wife is 5' and the seats would not raise enough for her to see safely. They are a bigger CUV and the seating for 7/8 is nice if you need it. If the visibility issue was absent we would have gotten one of them. Lucky us we decided that we did not need the seating for 7/8 and looked at the Edge which we got on spot.


Things I liked

Acadia - Heads up display, 7 passenger seating, Back row was comfortable, rear audio controls, back up camera dash style and layout Rear A/C

Enclave - 4 year 50k warranty, coated glass for quietness, back row comfort, plush leather, rear A/C

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